Iranian factory makes U.S. and Israeli flags for the specific purpose of being burned

Where there is demand, there shall be supply to meet it.

<Austin Powers voice>
Capitalism, baby! Yeah</APv>

Also freedom of speech? From the OP’s link:

Frankly, that sounds like a pretty civilized attitude to me. I’m generally against flag-burning for environmental reasons, but if the intended message is “I reject and condemn your government’s actions although I have nothing against you and your fellow-citizens personally”, that seems reasonable.

Are you sure Kim?
Reasonable, civilized flag burners…
Sounds like an oxymoron to me.

…which is why it makes sense (to me) to only prosecute flag-burners for violating open-burning statutes and fouling the air.

This would disappoint the shriekers on both sides. Commit a stupid petty act, get a petty fine in return.

All the more reason for a commercial operation to make flags specifically for the niche burning market, where durability is unimportant, and the flag can be made of a material that minimizes toxicity and pollution when burned.

Your contention is that flag-burning is the last refuge of a scoundrel?

Because civilized people know that they should revere pieces of cloth, like cave-men worshiping a mammoth skull?

I hear they cook Jewish food over there just so they can throw it in the trash.

This runs both ways.

Obviously, those burning flags place a high value on their meaning, unless they’re just trolling for a response.

What an idiotic comparison!
No, I don’t revere a piece of cloth you maroon. I revere the ideals for which it stands; democracy, rights, liberty, opportunity and equality.
From an all-American sport, one of the greatest plays in baseball…

Now, that was civilized. Monday said initially he wanted to bowl them over.:smiley:

Clearly it does not stand for those ideals for everyone. It’s not unfair to say that for a good number of people around the world, including here in the USA, it strands for oppression. In their view burning it may be entirely appropriate.

Doesn’t make it civilized!

How so? It’s a peaceful protest and vastly more civilized than, say, ramming your car through a crowd at a rally you don’t agree with killing an innocent girl.

Another stupid comparison.

You reeeeally love you some cloth, don’cha?

What’s a smart one?

A flag represents a nation. If one believes that a nation should embrace those ideals, but at present is doing a terrible job of it, it’s pretty straightforward to understand the symbolism of burning the flag. One could argue that it’s symbolism that’s only appropriate if your nation has gone so far off the rails that you feel desperation, but that’s a subjective matter.

But a perspective that burning a flag is never acceptable can be interpreted as saying that remaining nominally patriotic must always outweigh being pro- the fundamental ideals that you list. And, of course, that’s why the expression patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel echoes throughout history. You disagree with your government’s policy of war, persecution, murder? Traitor!

Cartoons? Books? Criticism of the Supreme Leader?


Spin all you want. Echo all you want (you don’t like it that your “expression” got ignored the first time around). I saw it. Burn all the American flags you want, at this moment in history, it is not illegal.

I believe/think/feel that burning a country’s flag, whether you’re an American, Iranian, etc., is not an act of a reasonable, civilized, peaceful person.