Iranian Nationals In Lebanon?

I caught something on the radio, amid the reports of US and European nationals evacuating Lebanon. Supposedly , somthing like 66,000 Iranians (tourists?) are in ebanon-and they haven’t asked to be evacuated! Anybody have confirmation of this? Sounds like an army to me.

I don’t know much about Irainians, do they have a large work force outside the country. Like the Palestinians and Yeman had (or used to have) in the Gulf States?

The only thing I could find on the web said 60,888 Iranians visited Lebanon in the first half of 2006 Jan-Jun. Which as I understand it, Lebanon is a popular place to visit for the middle east and outside of Iraq and Baharain (sp?) one of the few middle eastern places with sizeable Shi’a population. In April alone, 20,986 Iranians visited Lebanon.

It said Philippines was second with 12,391 tourists that visited Lebanon.

Iran has 60-100 military advisors in Lebanon, not an army.

I’m sure that’s what the present-day Minutemen think of the 14.5 million + Mexican nationals (legal and illegal) in the United States.

Or, they could be here for other reasons.