Iraq attacks its smaller neighbors in the south

And this is used to justify war. But why isn’t the Bay of Pigs viewed the same way the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait is viewed? What did Cuba do to justify a military invasion? Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black, most likely the only remorse American leadership has over the Bay of Pigs is that we didn’t win.

A fair point. But

(a) IIRC, the US supported a force composed of Cubans, but US forces were not themselves involved, and there was no (formal) attempt to annex Cuba to the US - all potentially signficant differences - and

(b) as the US has a veto on Security Council resolutions, there was never any possibiliyt of the Security Council authorising measures against the US.

It would be a better analogy if Kuwait was occupied by American troops, before it was invaded. Cuba was a playing piece in the Cold War, while Kuwait was an innocent bystander.