Iraq war fatalities reach 2000; Bush mandates switch to hexadecimal

WASHINGTON, Oct. 27 — Under increasing scrutiny for his decision to invade Iraq in March 2003, president Bush today signed an executive order mandating that future Pentagon casualty figures be stated in hexadecimal, also known as base 16. In remarks to reporters afterward, the president argued that the new guideline will streamline government documents, releasing additional funds for the ongoing “global struggle against violent extremism”, while not requiring any new tax increases.

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld expressed his support for the executive order. “I fail to see now why there’s such a fuss over passing the 7D0[sub]16[/sub] mark. It’s hardly any milestone, is it, like the more excitable pundits are making it out to be.”

In a related story, a proposed bill to use base 36 for government budget reports has died in the Senate Committee on Appropriations, following recent discoveries that many amounts, when printed, would inadvertently be in violation of federal and state obscenity laws. Criticism from fiscal conservatives that the amounts are already obscene failed to sway enough committee members.

This is sort of an Onion-style post. It’s an attack on Bush. It’s not soliciting an opinion. It may turn into a debate, but it’s very light. It is humorous, but it’s not that light. I think…

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Just wait until the 10000000000[sub]2[/sub][sup]th[/sup] casualty. Who will be laughing then?

Fucking excellent post Bytegeist! :smiley:

Math Geeks for Peace!

Eh. Tell me when we hit FFFF.

Wake me at DEADBEEF.

How about CAFEBABE?


It doesn’t matter to him how many die. Hexi, whole numbers, fractions. They are still dead.

Ya think?

I’m guessing the deaths in Iraq are a point of humor for you.

Wow! You took Bytegeist’s whole post and distilled it down to one single line! You’re, like, a *genius!!

I’m guessing subtlety is lost on you.

I’m guessing your irony comes straight from refined ores.

Never happen: that’s a negative number.

Christmas = Hallowe’en!

[sub]I just like saying that[/sub]

It may represent a negative number in some computer systems, but in normal arithmetic, FFFF base 16 is 65,535 base 10.

There’s a normal outside of computers? As if!

Well, I was talking about mathematics, which is often regarded as a purely theoretical construct – so it may have nothing to do with reality (whatever that might mean: I haven’t come across it myself).

Commentary on why DEADBEEF isn’t just a sick joke.