Iraqi Flag

What’s the arabic word on the Iraqi flag? My arabic reading skills are pretty rusty… kind of looks like (A)ky or something… doesn’t look like Iraq to me.

I believe its “Allah Akbar” or God is great…

I see the Akbar part now that you mention it, but where’s the Allah? Looks like only one word to me.

God is Great in Arabic. It’s a pathetic and shameless attempt by the anti-religion Baath party, whose ruthless dictator is subjugating Iraq, to “prove” that the United States is against Islam and not against said ruthless dictator.

Here’s a big picture:

It is Allah Akbar. It was added to the Iraqi flag during the Gulf War to make Saddam look more Islamic.

Sadaam’s not the first politician to find religion when he’s in political hot water.

Well I’ll be goldanged! I must’ve only seen it waving in the breeze before. Never saw the first word.

Didn’t Iraq only add those words to the flag in the runup to the first Gulf War?

“First Gulf War” . . . how naturally those words come out now, already . . .

It’s “Gulf War I”.