Iraqi Troops-War Criminals?

I don’t know if this has been discussed before but was recently talking to a friend in germany and he asked me if I had heard “That the US saying it would prosecute Iraqi troops who resisted as War criminals”.

I had never heard anything in that manner, but I am curious. Has anyone actually heard something along those lines from Credible and somewhat non-biaed sources?

Sounds ludicrous to me. Iraqi troops have a duty to protect their country, just like all troops have duties to protect their countries.

Not troops who ‘resist’. Troops who launch weapons of mass destruction at civilians. Basically, the “I was following orders” excuse will not be allowed.

This is nothing new. The Nuremberg trials established that over 50 years ago. Bush is just reminding them.

We are dropping leaflets and broadcasting messages telling the military leaders in Iraq that if Saddam orders them to use biological or chemical weapons that they should disobey such orders. If they follow those type of orders then they will be tried as “war criminals”.

You and your German friend had heard the anti-American version.

Oh, but we are also telling them that they will be treated kindly, if they should decide to lay down their weapons.

Why do I have the suspiscion that any accused won’t be going to The Hague and that any warcrimes courts will be entirely be hosted by the victors?

Indeed show trials are nothing new.

The US does not put on show trials. Nuremburg was not, and if we put anyone on trial, it will not be a show trial.

Of course, if the US decides that you’re an “enemy combatant”, you won’t get a trial at all.

Iraqi troops cannot be considered enemy comabatants, rather than POWs. Taliban folks got that because they were fighting on behalf of non-recognized (for the most part) organizations.

Maybe not a legitimate designation or reason, but the circumstances are significantly different from the one that would exist in the case of war with Iraq.

You’re of course right, and I apologize for the hijack.

On the subject: Any soldier who uses chemical weapons will be in breach of the conventions, - in this case, the IVth Hague Land War Convention, article 23:

Iraqi personnel using chemical weapons can be charged with war crimes.

Excellent site for the laws of war: