Iraqi Voter Turnout

I’d rather watch watch other news groups than CBS so I missed Dan’s predition. What excactly did he say?

Are we talking turnout over the entire country, or just in the areas they’re holding a vote? If the former, I wouldn’t believe 60%. That’s just insanely high.

You’ll have to dig up a quote for that, as I don’t recall verbatim. If turnout reaches 50%, I’m sure some blogger’ll dig up and post his words within a couple of days.

What’s confusing to me is how the Iraqi voters will know WHO to vote for. With over 100 political parties, it’s going to be extremely difficult to know what more than a few stand for. And with most if not all politicians too afraid to openly campaign, how are they getting their message across to potential voters? Or will it be a case of voting for a candidate strictly because of the religious group to which they belong? :confused:

There’s another factor here that’ll affect the percent of voters who cast ballots. According to the BBC, there are “28,000 voting booths in some 5,300 polling centres” and the polls will be open for 10 hours. With roughly 14 million eligible voters, each booth will have to accommodate 500 voters, or one voter every 1.2 minutes for the full 10 hours to achieve a 100% turnout. Clearly that’s impossible, but to achieve even a 33% turnout, the voting booths will have to be constantly full, and the voters will have to take an average of only 3.6 minutes to cast their ballot.
We don’t do it that fast in America, even when the ballots are simple.

One doesn’t march to freedom on defeat one wants, but on defeat one has. But make sure you dress warmly, even if it is somewhat casual.

The polls close in less than 30 minutes, and so far they’re saying close to 72% turnouts.

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About what? The overall turnout is meaningless. Even if the Shiites turn out 100%, if there is no meaningful participation by the Sunnis, the election is a sham. What good is an election if it is merely a prelude to civil war?


Please, you know this is a victory for the entire free world.

Now give up your partisan hate, post haste, it’s very distasteful.

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At least 30 people have been killed. Large numbers of one section of the Iraqi populace do not seem to be taking part in the political process with the obvious dangers that that suggests. The campaign featured candidates who felt obligated to campaign anonymously out of fear.

I mean, I can understand and share the hope that this is the start of a brighter future for the country, but celebrating , really?

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Here’s the REAL ONE

Has anyone seen any quasi-reliable figures? Eleusis’ 70%+ comes from the latest incarnation of Baghdad Bob:

Please define the “free world” ?
The US is not the leader of any “free world” either. (the problem being the “leader” part too…)

I never said anything about the U.S. being the leader of anything…

I meant freedom in general…

Can we agree that democracy is good?

I think the problem is your using some of the same expressions we see used by “conservatives”. By saying “free world” you bring all sort of connotations and a sense of superiority that defines Bushie America to many… or at least to me.

The “free world” used to be non-communist… now its become kind of meaningless when its obvious that national interests come ahead of “freedom” for others for example.

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I note that my question still has no been answered.

Are these guesses and runing estimates of voter turnout based on areas the U.S. has allowed voting to take place, or adjusted to reflect those areas where the population can’t vote?