I’m looking for suggestions re: Dublin. I’m thinking of going there sometime this fall. I’ve done some research but I’d like to hear from people who have been there. Where did you stay? (I’ll probably be going alone so I’d like to stay in a nice area where I’ll be able to wander around at night and feel safe.) What pubs do you recommend? :slight_smile: What about restaurants? Night life? Activities? What should I skip? Anything overrated? Underrated?

In short, I want the Straight Dope. :slight_smile:

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Temple Bar and Grafton Street are where most of the action is. Both are quite safe (though there’s some danger from pickpocketers). The north side is kind of seedy. Best tourist traps: the Guinness brewery, Book of Kells, and the mummies at St Michan’s Church.

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