Irish Dopers -- who wants a pint?

In this thread I asked for information on Cork. Well, it is now official. I will be arriving in country on the morning of Saturday the 13[sup]th[/sup] of January. I will have been in airports or airplanes for most of the preceding 24 hours, and will therefore arrive tired and in need of a drink. So, I have 2 questions for Irish dopers:

  1. Who wants to raise a pint or two with a jetlagged American?
  2. Who knows of a good pub in Cork?

Crap. I’m working that wkend and there is no way for me to get it off. :frowning:

Ruadh & TwistofFate may have better news.

I’m not too familiar with Cork so can’t help you with the suggestions either.

Oh well enjoy yourself.

::walks away grumbleing::

Stay away from the blood sausage…thats my best advice :smiley:

Isn’t Cork where they make that inferior Murphy’s Stout that clog boy swills?

Murphys, Feh!!

This will end up in the pit one of these days :wink:

As for blood sausage or black pudding as we call it. It’s actually quite bland and is part of the compulsory breakfast that you eat after a big feed of beer( Guinness if at all possible )

The only pub in Cork City I’ve been to that I remember the name of was Billy Morgan’s, on Marlboro Street, right in the city centre. Nice place. Well, if any of the other DubDopers are up for a visit …

Crap indeed. Well, I will think of you as I down my first Guinness.

How about the rest of you? Don’t tell me I am so pititful that I can’t even get an Irishman to raise a pint. [sub]I’m not saying it isn’t true. I’m just saying don’t tell me.[/sub]

Is this a dead issue?

No takers for a free pint o’ the thick stuff?

London, yes, Cork, sadly not.

I don’t think TwistofFate is back online till after the New Year so give this sucker a bump after the 2nd and he should see it.

Three excellent pubs in Cork (most in city centre) are :
The Goat Broke Loose
The Angel (don’t remember where, exactly)
and The Office. Last one is particularly good if you’re supposed to be working and have instead buggered off for a swift half. Then you can say, in all honesty " But Sir, I was at the Office!"

If you have the time, take a bus or drive down to Cobh (pronounced “Cove”) for a glimpse of a “quaint” (as much as I hate that word when applied to Ireland) fishing village with some of the most excellent seafood anywhere.

Blarney can also be nice, and will probably be as dead as a nun’s knickers in the winter. Nice town, good pub lunches.
Avoid the coachloads of American eedjits and you’ll be fine.

Oh, and as to everyone who’s debating the various merits of Murphy’s versus Guinness, it’s like bread. Drink what’s fresh and locally produced. Therefore, Murphy’s in Cork and Guinness in Dublin. I used to live three blocks from the Guinness Brewery and can emphatically say that freshness is king.

I could fly over from England…but only if you pay my ticket :smiley:

My company, in it’s infinite wisdom, has decided to spend more money so that I can spend less time in country. sigh
This means I will not be around on Saturday the 13[sup]th[/sup]. Instead, I will be around on Saturday the 20[sup]th[/sup].

So, who wants a free pint on the 20[sup]th[/sup]?

I have nothing to contribute here. I just want to say:

Waaaahh!! I wanna go to Ireland!! Waaaahh!! ::pouting and stomping feet::

This thread only sounds like it’s about me. Have a fun time!

It’s still Cork right?

You’re really starting to annoy me now :wink:

Tell the bastards that you can only go on the wkend starting on the 26th and it would be possible.

I’ll bump this for you tomorrow at a time when the other Irish/Americans living here can see it.


Calling all paddys, calling all paddys.

Cork, on the 20th… Ruadh, would you be up for it???

I can’t go but you have to go to “The Long Valley” and arder tea and ham sandwiches, and then beer.

Too bad it’s Cork. I would recommend a new pub in Balnimor (spelled correctly? Not bloody likely) called The Poor Scholar. Just opened before Christmas, our friend Jerry McWeeney is the proprietor. Beautiful place.

Besides, Jerry could use a visit & good wishes. While tossing out an infamous town drunk before Christmas, the git collapsed on Jerry and broke Jerry’s knee. Poor guy spent Christmas in the hospital having knee surgery. My brother is helping run the pub in his absence. If you can, go say hi to Chuck the Yank from his sister.

Yes, it’s still Cork, Yojimbo. You mean you have to work that weekend, too? What kind of slave driver are you pulling for? :wink:

EJsGirl, my knowledge or Irish geopgraphy is just a shade below nonexistent. How far away from Cork is Balnimor[sub]sp?[/sub]