Irish Dopers -- who wants a pint?

My geography is also terrible, maybe someone else can help with this.

Balnimor is near the northern border, near Carrick-on-Shannon, in County Lietram (again with my spelling!). I don’t have a map, sorry.

I sure am less-than-useless today!

I am definitely up for it.

Leitrim. Absolutely nowhere near Cork. Sorry!

hmmm… Leitrim to Cork… its a very very very long way… about 300 miles…

Ruadh… you have a deal. Lets go to Cork.


I’ll be staying at Jurys Hotel on Western Road. Phone:21-276622.

Once we find a place to meet, I’ll be the tired-looking American with too much hair.


Bump it again tomorrow, Spiritus. Twisty only has email access at work.


Bad news, Spiritus, Twisty’s got a prior commitment he can’t back out of. If any of our new lot of Irish dopers wants to make the trip I’m still up for it but hopefully you’ll understand I don’t really want to make it all by myself.

Can you talk your company into letting you stay another week, and then coming to LondonDope?

If you’re including me in that “new lot of Irish dopers” I’ll be spending the weekend stripping wallpaper. So, appealing idea, but not this time. Sorry.

I wish. They are already complaing that I will be gone this ling (except the manager in Cork, who is complaining that I can’t give him enough time.)

sigh You mean I will go all the way to Ireland and I still can’t find a doper to drink with me? How pathetic is that. Maybe I should change my name to pariah mundi :wink: