Irksome recurring nightmare

Last night I had this nightmare again. It’s always very different, but it revolves around the same thing - getting put back in high school for some reason. Funny thing is, I’m not young again, I still have my university degrees, I just get bounced back to high school and have to pick classes and find my locker like everybody else. I’m really nervous that someone will find out how old I am and point at me and laugh.

Do you have any cool recurring nightmares? Cool in the sense that we can all go, “Oh cool, there’s one I don’t have!” Do you have any good school nightmares? (Good in a similar sense.)

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I don’t have recurring nightmares…single shots, generally. But about school…I have dreamt that I was wandering through the school, and I didn’t have pants. So, I was hunting through my high school for my pants. Sneaking around, in doorways and phonebooths, trying not to be seen and to find my pants…

A really odd dream. The funny thing is, I generally sleep in a t-shirt and sweatpants…and I had removed my sweatpants while I slept.

I have the following recurring “themes” (i.e., the dreams aren’t the same but the situations are):

I’m back at school (typically in college), and it’s midway thru the semester, and I’m all freaked out because I haven’t been attending any classes.

I’m completely unclothed somewhere–but I’m the only person that seems to know or care. Everyone else is oblivious to the fact.

Variation on previous theme: I’m somewhere (typically work or back at school), and I’m completely clothed–except for shoes and socks.

I’m somewhere, and I’ve backed my car into a ditch–or some other place off the road, and can’t get it back on.

I’m traveling somewhere, and it’s raining, and at some point I’m running into areas where the road completely in front of me (and behind me!) are covered with water.

Weird variation on the “at school, no clothes” on dream. Had one once where I had a long shirt on, but no pants/underwear/socks. For the most part, no one noticed, but I kept pulling the shirt down to cover myself anyway. However, there was one girl who noticed-this girl was known to have, shall we say, somewhat negotiable virtues, and she kept looking at me and smiling slyly.

Not sure what that means. Only had it once.

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I’ve died in my dreams repetadly. It doesn’t happen nearly as often anymore, but for a bout a year and a half, I have “the dream” about once a month.

variations on it:

1.Running through a series of dark allys trying to excape and unknown assaliant, I’d feel a sharp pain, and see a bullet explode out of my heart.

2.“Wake up”, just in time to see the flash of the nuclear explosion 5 blocks away.

3.“Wake up”, right in the middle of having a heart attack. Wake up for real a second later.

  1. Fall, and hit bottom.

5.“Wake up”, and realize that my feet have been crudely amputated.

6.“Wake up”, and realize I’m the last person left alive on the planet, and I have about 5 seconds to make my peace before I die to. I think this one was about a plague, or something.

7.Recieve a mental fax: “Couldn’t think of anything this time around. You’re dead”. Geez, even my subconsious is a wiseass.

8.The worst one by far: My father (who had been dead for over 16 years) came back, drug my brother into another room, shot him, then came back into the living room (where I was frozen), and shot me in the chest. This dream doesn’t mystify me: My dad commited suicide, and I know I still have the odd demon in my psyche.

So, if you ever see a news report about some guy getting killed more times in the space of an hour than Kenney’s accumulated deaths, you’ll know it was me. :slight_smile:

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

I obsverve a small child in a dark ally and all around him is broken needles, his knees are scrapped up and is sitting in an old broken chair. he is yelling at the top of his lungs, and as he yells a bolt of lightning jumps from the sky.
a 20 feet away is his mother, who resembles a friend’s mother in likeness. but she dosn’t hear his yells. that is smoe spooky shit.
weird as hell, but I only had this dream once.

but the recurring dream I have is one where I’m standing in the dessert, maybe the painted dessert, it is stormy but not raining. and it is at sundown, and I’m standing in front of a doorway, just a frame and a door that is open, no house. but through the doorway i see it is night and has calm weather and I can see the stars from here. but I never can reach the doorway.

Can anbody understand these dreams, I do understand the dream with the child deeply.

but I have an idea what the stormy dream is trying to say, but it is still vague to me.

Oh, another recurring theme: I’m able to glide–not fly, glide.

I give myself a push off, and I’m skimming along (standing straight up) a foot or so above the ground. Then, once I notice I’m starting to drop, I try spreading my arms and trailing my legs to get more lift.

Again, this might happen in any dream, regardless of what else is going on.

I used to have this dream every night when I was a child. It starts out with me grocery shopping with my mother. I wander off to the lobster tank, and while I am watching them I bump into it, breaking the glass and they all escape. They make their way to the cereal aisle and gorge themselves on the cereal, until they’ve eaten so much they become huge, monster lobsters. Everyone runs screaming from the supermarket, but I’ve lost my mother so I don’t know what to do. From there, it’s just me running up and down the aisles trying to evade the evil Lobsters from Hell.

Um…now I’m remembering why I make it a policy not to share my dreams.

Gad, Mjollnir, I have the exact same thing. Gliding along is my usual mode of travel in dreams, including the method of getting more lift. Weird.

I have two recurring themes in my dreams, though – I’ll be gliding along to get somewhere on time, and the route keeps getting longer and more convoluted. Often I can see the place I’m headed for, but I can’t seem to get any closer. Sometimes this is really frustrating, other times I have more of a “can-do” approach and am determined to get there. I never do before I wake up, though/

The other recurring dream I have is plane crashes – I just had this one last night, in fact. I’m never in a crash, but I often dream I’m witnessing one from a distance. I can clearly see the plane begin to move erratically, then flip or nose down and begin to fall. I never see it hit the ground, though. I think this dream may have something to do with the fact that I spent some time working in airline insurance adjustment, so I know how very little it takes to crash a plane.


Good grief, I have the exact same high school dream. I had the most vivid version of it on my 25th birthday and it was something along the lines of the school sent out a notice that upon one’s 25th birthday, former students were required to repeat senior year.
So, there I was with all my former classmates, all freshly 25, trying to fill out course drop/add forms.

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I have the high school dream, too! Usually I go back voluntarily to see a favorite teacher, and then the security guard catches me and forces me into class kicking and screaming.

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I’ve been having a lot of Bus dreams lately. I have no clue why, I’m no great fan of buses really. They always seem such awkward and cumbersome vehicles.

And, I hover in my ‘flying’ dreams too! Just a few inches above the ground. No resistance, I kind of skate on thin air (but with no risk of falling). It’s cool, much faster than walking!

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I’ve been having this one lately and I cannot figure out why. I’m usually very good at analysing my dreams. Anyone who cares to Freud this, please do.

I’m standing in a check out line to buy some bread and milk. It is only two or three people long and all the other registers with lines are about the same length. It takes forever and nothing moves. I start to chat with the other people in line and we become really chummy. These are people I’ve met with in my past, but not supporting characters in my life, just passing-thru kinda people.

After about six hours in the heat (it’s outdoors) I realize my son is sitting patiently, yet withering, in a cart by the retarded bagger. All I want to do is buy this milk so he can rehydrate himself but the cashiers are all gone. Suddenly, everyone that is inside the store is now leaving with cartloads of goods and not paying for them.
Apparently either a riot has broken out because of the lackluster service or WW3 and I don’t have anything for the apocalyse.

My most disturbing dreams have the same theme, though not the same sequence of events: a tornado is coming, and there is nothing I can do about it. I may be on a bus, I may be at school, I may be any variety of place, but the ominous undertone of approaching wanton destruction (and the paralysis of knowing that no matter how much I prepare for it, I simply am at its mercy) is extremely unnerving. I’m sure it’s representative of a feeling of lack of control and emotional vulnerability, but even understanding it doesn’t make it any less disturbing. Incidentally, the tornado rarely if ever actually strikes in the dream–it’s all about the suspense.

The second, far less dark, but far more annoying dream is this: I’m running late for school. I may wake up on time, or I may wake up late, but in any event, nothing I can do will get me to school on time. These dreams often involve maddenly glances at the watch/clock–it’s 7:30am, I can still get there on time; it’s 7:45am, cutting it close but I can make it; 8am and no way…I can’t make it. (School starts at 8:15am) And for whatever reason, I have no access to a phone or any of other communication to let the school know, so no sub will be called. Every little action I take to try to get me to school is unsuccessful, every attempt to notify the school fails, and I am left despairing. These dreams are extremely exhausting and I wake up from them feeling as though I had never slept at all.

And really, if I were late, it would be icky but it wouldn’t be the end of the world (or the end of me, as the tornado dreams foreshadow). But man, those dreams suck.

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My recurring nightmare is always in the same place. I’m lost and can’t find my way to wherever it is I’m trying to go (mostly just out of where I am!). But it’s always this dark, dirty industrial area with pipes and derricks and scaffolding everywhere and I have to climb up and down and over things. All the time I’m being pursued and I’m scared and … and … and … and then I wake up.

I don’t have scary dreams very often but when I do it’s always this one.

I’ve had the back in school/forgot I was enrolled in the class and now I have to take the final/look down and I’m not wearing pants dreams too. They don’t scare me so much. They must be pretty common. A similar dream was used as a plot device in this week’s episode of Futurama.

The weirdest part for me about the “suddenly realizing I’m not dressed” dream is that I always think that I can somehow get out of there without anyone noticing. If I can just be cool there’s no reason why anyone should even look my way. So then I’m under even more pressure in an obviously high pressure situation. And I thought my id was on my side!

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I forgot to mention that I once visited the nightmare place while I was awake. The company I work for has some old (WWII era) factory space next to some old but still used office space. I was working in the office space and wandered back into the factory space one day. It was creepy! Just like the dream – it didn’t actually look identical but the same feeling was there – and it was old and metallic and dark and dusty, with rickety-looking stairs and grimy windows. It immediately triggered the same response that I have in the dream.

I went back a few times (some sort of aversion therapy, I guess) and it got less creepy, but sometimes fragments of that place show up in the dream now.

I think I mentioned this once before somewhere, but I keep dreaming that I’m in a maze. The type of maze keeps changing-- hedge maze one time, then a bunch of meandering tunnels, then the inside of a huge palace. There are always people with me, but never the same people. And there have been occasions when we were all roasted by a dragon or eaten by a sea serpent. I usually wind up alone, my friends lost, wandering through this maze. Still haven’t found my way out.
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And now, for my next trick, I will talk in spooky half-references.

OK, I’ll play too.

For years I had a nightmare that was very strange. It was always the same one.
I would be laying in my bed in that in-between state, not totally awake but not quite asleep either, and the walls and ceiling would start moving toward me and bak away from me over and over again. Then I would see,be in a meadow with white stone fences. There were lots of other people there, I couldn’t atually see them , more like sense them around me, and hear them yelling. Then we would be running, and ducking down behind the stone walls, there is lots of gun fire, and screaming, running and smoke. Then it stops, and I come to myself scared and shaking.

The one I really hate are the ones I’ve had for about the past 20 yrs, where I catch my husband with another woman. These very somewhat, sometimes he leaves, sometimes I kik his butt, sometimes I kick her butt, sometimes he kicks my butt. But I always wake up crying and angry at him.

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You sound reasonable. Must be time to up my medication.

I’ve had dreams that I’m wearing a pleated miniskirt and forgot to wear underwear… I’ve also had the wandering around topless dream. I also believe that if I’m nonchalant, no one will notice.

Last night I dreamt that I found an extra checking account with twice as much money as I’d need to fly to Germany, one-way. I decided to go to the bank, withdraw the money, get a new passport (mine’s expired) and fly to Germany, leaving my husband behind.

I withdrew the money but the passport was going to take several days to finish… I started bawling. I knew that if I waited a week, my husband would somehow talk me out of leaving him.

I woke up feeling very sad - I hugged my husband and told him I love him.

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Mine are recurring dream themes not really nightmares.

  1. Whenever I have to get up and go pee during the middle of the night, I usually dream about being in a very large, very strange public bathroom. Many of the toilets do not work or are missing. Many of the stalls are missing. It is co-ed, (at least there are females in the bathroom with me and neither of us seems freaked out) and I end up peeing in a strange urinal while they watch.

  2. I get chased by snakes in dreams occasionally. Sometimes I have a gun or other weapon, sometimes I do not.

  3. I have dreams of vampires and werewolves and try to shoot them with silver bullets and the gun usually jams or will not fire.

  4. I am shooting at people that are shooting at me and my bullets either do not kill them or even slow them down or the gun jams or does not fire.

My wife sometimes has the dreams a couple of others have mentioned about me leaving her. She told me once that in her dream we were driving along and I stopped and told her to get out of the car and when she did I drove off and made her walk back home. When she awoke she was actually mad at me.

The other day she dreamed that I actually left her and my daughter and moved out.

I would never do either of these things and she knows it.

From the dreams I have read, this group would make an interesting psychological study. I am not sure what they say about us, but they are indeed interesting. I see patterns of helplessness, maybe feeling lost or alone or having trouble finding ones way in life.