Iron Fist Season 2

I just finished watching it last night and I have to say that it is much better than the first season, though of course that was not too difficult to do. It has some problems, particularly the ending which kind of feels unfinished, which I guess means they are hoping for a third season.

Anyone else have any thoughts?


It is much better this season for sure, but I swear they should just get a wooden plank to replace Danny.

And I am seriously confused by some of the time lines… How quick did Davos train those kids… Seemed like 2 days and they were full on ninjas. And Danny wore a “Rand compression sleeve” on his broken leg and that seemed to heal it up in… 2 days? I mean I can suspend some disbelief with the best of them, but seriously?

I am just over half-way and it is much improved, though I also liked season 1 of Iron Fist.

I’d rank the seasons of Marvel Netflix shows like this:

  1. Jessica Jones Season 1
  2. Daredevil Season 1
  • gap of quality drop here
  1. Jessica Jones Season 2
  2. Iron Fist Season 1
  3. Daredevil Season 2
  • gap of quality drop here
  1. The Punisher Season 1
  • chasm of quality drop here
  1. Luke Cage Season 1 <------- The only truly terrible Netflix Marvel show. Snoozefest.

The Defenders was good, but more like an “event”. I skipped Luke Cage Season 2 as I hated the first season.

I’m sorry, but I’m having a hard time buying into the narrative that the sister is so pissed off about the daddy thing that she has been stewing about for over a year, and she’s willing to ruin her brothers’ life over it. (I’m on episode 4)

I have no interest at all in watching this season. Rand spent most of season one not able to properly use the Iron Fist and now in this one he loses it to Davos, then it goes to Colleen at the end. When the hell do we actually get to see Iron Fist?

I think a bunch of time passes without them mentioning it much. But Mary says to Walker in the video that she has been keeping her out for a long time.

I liked it, but I also quite liked the first one. I like that Danny is such a flawed hero in that he is reliably an impulsive idiot. Agree that the actor is terrible.

Actually you get to see it quite a bit and the fight scenes are much better than in Season 1 (they go the fight coordinator from Black Panther), so if you are looking for fists and fights, they are certainly there.

I still have some problems with how Danny Rand is portrayed though, with his appearance in Luke Cage Season 2 possibly being his best.


It’s canceled, by the way.

Unexpected. Season 2 was a huge improvement on season 1.

Maybe we’ll get a Daughters of the Dragon series, to let Colleen be all Fisty without the taint of IF1.

That’s a surprise. Netflix seemed pretty committed to their Marvel shows, like the CW and their Arrowverse. I figured they’d just keep improving on it. The characters can still cross over to the other shows, or they can combine it with Luke Cage as the comics did for years.

Early reviews for Daredevil’s Season Three look promising, at least.

We just finished it, and I much preferred it over the single episode of Season 1 that I made it through. The actor has some humility now, which is huge. The idea that Colleen has the fist is pretty cool. What the hell was up with gun fu at the end, though–didn’t Danny lose the fist and all magical powers therefore?

Misty Knight was far and away the most charismatic hero on the show, and I would watch the hell out of a show of her and Colleen. Those two have amazing chemistry, and even if Colleen isn’t strong enough to carry the show, Misty is.

Maybe Iron Fist and Luke Cage will become Heroes For Hire. I believe Luke Cage hasn’t been FORMALLY renewed, so maybe that’s their plan going forward.

In the comics, the Iron Fist can be shared. There was a storyline where Danny Rand discovered the previous Iron Fist before him was still alive, and it started when the old guy summoned the power the same time as he did. I was actually disappointed that Danny didn’t discover this while fighting Davos. You can clone access to the fist but you can’t permanently take it from someone that’s faced the dragon.

Wife and myself watched Ep1 and were bored to tears. Davos and the Sister are extremely boring villains, Danny is a boring Protagonist, and staying just for Misty and Colleen felt just too much work.

I generally agree that it was a good step up from Season 1. I also was SO irritated by Joy, who I found to be a fascinating character in season 1 (along with Ward… powerful corporate siblings who weren’t either cartoon evil or unreaslistically naively good). Her motivation was SO poorly defined, even she seemed embarrassed by it.

I thought that they utterly brushed off the reaction to the destruction and massacre of everyone in Kun Lun. Sure Davos and Danny sniped about it, but that should be WAY more traumatic. Did they ever even figure out who did it and why and how?

As others have said, Misty and Colleen were great. I also thought the actor who played Davos was pretty magnetic, and his arc was at least decently interesting. It’s very hard to really nail the villain-who-legitimately-and-reasonably-thinks-he’s-a-good-guy, and they didn’t get it quite perfect, but it was at least decent.
I wish Luke Cage had showed up for a cameo. They could have used his help to capture Davos the first time. Seems silly not to even mention the possibility, particularly after Danny showed up for an episode in Luke Cage.
One thing I’m very glad of… I was dreading that it was going to turn out that Danny could use the Iron Fist even after it was stolen from him if he just believed hard enough. Glad they didn’t go there.

While I totally agree with your sentiment, and was waiting for it to happen, didn’t they effectively go there with the very last scene of the season?

I kind of enjoyed Ward Meachum’s arc. Here’s a guy who’s making a genuine effort to turn over a new leaf, but he’s really kind of terrible at it, so he falls on his face a lot. I hate redemption stories that make the character too good too fast.

Luke Cage is also cancelled, by the way.

This is still very possible. Netflix typically keep things close to their chests, though.

I’m conflicted. I think Luke Cage was doing well as far as ratings and critics (about the same as Jessica Jones), so I think it makes a strong case for Netflix moving to Heroes for Hire and Daughters of the Dragon spin-offs.

However announcing it on a Friday night after the media have left for the weekend makes it seem like they just wanted to dump it quietly with minimal backlash, making me think there won’t be some sort of follow-up announcement.

Has another season of Punisher been announced?