Marvel's The Defenders First Trailer

Here it is.

They have eight episodes to get everyone together, set up a Big Bad, have a subplot or two and then tie it all off. Most of the Marvel series on Netflix are too long; if anything, I wonder if this one will be too short.

I saw this yesterday. It looks fun. Wired magazine notes that the in-trailer mockery of Iron Fist seems appropriate given its lacklustre performance compared to the other three series.

If Netflix loves us they’ll have Elektra kill Iron Fist in the first episode and have him resurrected in someone that can act.

and really, are fight choreographers that expensive? Why the hell are the fights in Daredevil so much better than in Iron Fist? Nothing about Iron Fist led me to believe Danny had spent 15 years in a monastery learning to fight. He sucks at fighting and controlling his emotions.

Still, I expect the show to be a lot of fun. I hope the chemistry between Colleen and Misty works, I love Simone Missick and would be thrilled to see the Daughters of the Dragon/KnightWing Restorations show up. And Bullseye. You can’t have Daredevil Elektra and not have Bullseye.


That looks delightfully badass and with a bit more humor that the single series. I may actually go back and finish Iron Fist to be fully caught up :wink:

Iron Fist was not amazing, but it was a lot better than Luke Cage, which is the most boring Netflix original show I’ve watched.

I suspect they edited it that way on purpose but the show itself is probably not full of Iron Fist bashing since it was filmed before Iron Fist was released.

ETA I haven’t finished IF yet but it did get better after episode 3 or so and Luke Cage got worse in its second half.

Really, the best ting Netflix could do to improve their Marvel series is keep the same budget but reduce each show to 9 episodes a season. They seem to run out of plot in the second half, trying to fill out the episodes.

It’d be a waste of time for me to argue with someone who believes this, so I will just submit my opinion as a counterbalancing data point: IMO, Luke Cage is better than Iron Fist by several orders of magnitude. In fact, it’s my favorite of the Netflix Marvel series which have been released to this point, and a Top 3 overall original Netflix series, out of the ones that I’ve personally watched.

Luke Cage was amazing…right up to the point where they brought in Diamondback. That whole character was ridiculous and unnecessary and basically ruined the last couple, three episodes of the series IMHO.

As the penultimate episode is “Soliloquy of Chaos” which includes the Method Man sequence set to Bulletproof Love, your opinion is obviously without merit. That was the most amazing sequence of the series.

Because Daredevil wears a mask, so they can use a stunt double for the fight scenes.

Yeah the weakest part of Iron fist by far is the actor just can’t handle the fight scenes.

That big hall fight early in the first season of Daredevil was the actor. He’s just better at it than Iron Fist.

Says here that, while “Charlie was in there quite a bit” during the hallway fight, they “did a few types of switches between him and the stunt double. Obviously there are things outside of Charlie’s training that his double can do better,” they explain.

So mostly in it. He held his own. Same can’t be said for Fist.

Iron Fist wears a mask in the comics maybe they should go that route. I didn’t think about the stunt double. Still, someone should have realized that “The Living Weapon” shouldn’t fight like someone that went to the Elvis Presley School of Kung Fu.

My issues with Iron Fist aside, I’m looking forward to the Defenders. Luke and Jessica had real chemistry in their scenes on her show. Daredevil is Daredevil, Charlie Cox really makes me believe in him as the character. Elektra is bad-ass and crazy as hell, love her most of all.

I’m getting ever more hyped every time I watch the trailer.