Iron supplement and aggression

Is it possible for a prescription iron supplement to affect my aggression / anger level when coupled with cessation of smoking?

I was prescribed (not OTC) an iron supplement because at the first check-up I’ve ever had in my adult life my doctor determined that I am “extremely” anemic (his word, not mine). This was back in January. I then quit smoking in February (1 pack per day for around 20 years). I think the combination of these two things has really upped the oxygen level in my blood to the point of my being overly angry. I thought maybe I would get used it but never did. I was just really bitchy all the time.

Hoping it wasn’t just because I quit the cigs, I tried an experiment for 30 days by quitting the iron in July. I feel much more like my old self. I do plan on re-introducing iron back but at a lower level.

Could too much oxygen make you one pissed-off MF?

My inexpert opinion, if that’s what you’re after here, is no. It’s the nicotine addiction, and/or something else happening in your life.

Go see the doctor who prescribed the iron and ask. You could have other problems for all we know.

Maybe the iron fixes some low level fatigue, and gives you the energy to be angry.

Trust what your body is telling you no matter what anyone else says.

Iron supplements have caused me to feel the same as you felt.

Maybe about 30 minutes after I take the iron (Solgar gentle iron 25 mg) I felt really angry. The following day, I tried to take a fraction (1/4th) of the supplement by opening the capsule, and it still caused this overall angry feeling all day. I chewed on ice just to cool off the the anger. Next day, I didn’t take any iron and I was back to my normal tired anemic self.

Previous to buying the iron, I went to a hematologist who told me to take iron for my iron deficient anemia so I’m just confused as you are why I’m getting this horrible angry emotional reaction to a supposedly “safe” and “harmless” supplement.

Believe me, the doctors have no idea either. They’ll just look at you cross eyed. :dubious:

Is this still a problem for you?

Maybe there’s another underlying cause. You can email me to let me know if you found anything out about this. I could share more too.

No matter how you feel, iron-deficiency anemia is probably not a better choice. If there really is a problem with the iron supplements, simply quitting them is almost certainly trading one problem for a worse one.


(I am not a doctor, I am not a dietician.)

Seems the timing of the aggression and my taking an iron supplement was coincidence. I have Hashimoto’s Disease. My symptoms at the time I posted this originally were a result of a thyroid storm. I have since had the right side of my thyroid removed. Things are much better now.

Thank you for the update.

I didn’t think it was the iron. I’m glad you got it figured out.

BTW, this is the best kind of old thread resurrection – a definitive conclusion. Perhaps even a happy ending. :smiley: