Is a female-dominated society inevitable?

Since the advancement of feminism in America, women have been gradually catching-up to and surpassing males in all areas of education (except athletics), many professional job markets, and even politically (although to a lesser degree so far). There obviously is a trend that will have to level off eventually and given the changes of the last 30 years, it could likely end up with women occupying a greater majority of higher paying professional occupations as well as a majority of positions of political and economic influence. Plus, for a long time now females have outnumbed males due to a higher number of male miscarriages, which makes this even more likely. This means that the already educationally disadvantaged males of our culture will find themselves occupying an increasing number the lower paying jobs and as a whole they will reach lower levels of educational achievement. All of this isn’t necessarily a criticism of female advancement; it is just an observation. Although if I were to criticize it would be that our culture seems to believe that its young females deserve special indemnifying consideration at the expense of young males. Instead of accommodating the natural behavior of young males and helping them toward healthy development, we are more likely to load them up with Ritalin and diagnose them with ADHD or a behavior disorder.

A good woman can outnumb me anyday.

Methinks you overestimate female advancement. There are still very few females in executive positions and higher political positions. Can you honestly envision a female president? Hilary Clinton got enough flak, and she wasn’t even in a position of power! And then there was the governer that caused an uproar by daring to get pregnant.

Even regualar jobs are not geared towards women. Childcare, still seen as the responsibility of the woman, is a rare benefit. Insurance companies often don’t cover birth control pills. Pregancy leave is still a hotly debated subject. And look up! You will see the glass ceiling.

Education, you say? Walk in to an engineering class. You will find that women are few and far between. In my film classes the male-female ration is about five to one. There are lots of women in college, but there are still many paths that are hard for them to take.

I think it will be a while before we reach equality, much less superiority.

Goodness, I don’t think I’ve ever known a male who became pregnant at all, much less one who miscarried. Perhaps they all miscarried before they began to show, and then were too sad to talk about it.

But for what it’s worth, there are more male than female babies born. The reason why women outnumber men in the general population is that men tend to die younger.

I’ve never heard a good definition of “dominated” as it is often used in terms like “female-dominated” and “male-dominated”. It seems a slippery term, which can mean anything from “[sex] has more members in X than [other sex]” to “[sex] has more political control over X than [other sex]” to “[sex] gets more funding/attention/respect/etc. for X than [other sex]”.

If you define the term one way, I’d say that women already dominate this society and possibly have always done so. Define it another way and I’d say that men dominate this society and possibly have always done so.

So, to answer your question … I have no idea.

even sven-

Let me clarify…

Without plugging in precise numbers, I’ll say that it has more to do with the increase of female achievement relative to the decline or stagnation of male achievement. Plus, there are certainly a few types of things that females are more apt to succeed in and some things that males are more apt to succeed in. Males tend to be more general in their thinking and statistically they are better test takers and outperform females on standardized tests. Yet, females are overall more academically successful in high school and take more AP Tests. Also there is a pretty big college gap. In 1970, for example males far outnumbered females in college by about a 3:2 ratio. Yet, by 1995 the number of males in college had only risen marginally but the number of females in college had more than doubled leaving guys in the dust. Of course there are still fields that lack females such as engineering as you said, but there are many fields that have practically eliminated males. For example, I have a relative who has been a pharmacist in the same urban hospital for over 30 years. In 1970 there were no females on the pharmacy staff except for 3 secretary-type positions. Now, in 2001 out of a staff of around 50, the same pharmacy is approximately 80% percent female and almost all of the male pharmacists are within 15 years of retirement. A similar trend can be found throughout the healthcare industry and in many fields that have typically been reserved for males. Also, keep in mind that I am talking in a “long-term” perspective. I am not saying that women are suddenly going to rise up and take over. I mean a gradual change toward females controlling more of the “public realm” as well as the “domestic realm” and the male gender remaining stagnate and eventually devolving into some neo-primordial state and living in a similar was as male lions do—seeping, roaming around to different females, eating what the females provide, and occasionally having sex with them. LOL…ok I guess this last sentence I was pretty much talking out of my ass.

Surely you don’t think there’s a “glass ceiling” to overcome when training to become an engineer do you? All it takes to become an engineer is some determination and mental capacity and I think the vast majority of people agree that there are plenty of intelligent and hardworking women.

I think the reason why few women choose engineering disciplines is because of a lack of interest, not capability. This doesn’t really tell me much however since there (to me anyway) isn’t a clear reason why this trend might be so. I can hypothesize that it’s subtly ingrained through cultural cues but that seems a difficult issue to prove.


I’m not sure if women will come to dominate society,but i do agree that society tends to sometimes over-compensate when trying to make things even. I remeber in grade school we had a ‘daughter go with mother to work day’ which rather up-set me. Obviously someone thought girls deserved an extra advantage over us guys when it came to finding a job.

Most people imagine a world populated by powerful women would be a different world. It would be non-hierarchical, organic kind of place full of kindly, nuturing, live coloured females. My country’s government has more women in positions of power than any other in the world. I am female but my life has not been made better by that fact at all. I so want to remain feminist minded but it’s like being an aspiring missionary and a misanthrope at the same time. My attempts to find employment have been continually thwarted by women - they front all the employment agencies. I once paid $700 for two training courses but I couldn’t get work experience even when I offered to pay. A woman once treated me for a distressing medical condition with 19th Century Freudian psychology. It was the worst experience of my life. I could go on and on but there are a lot of words here already. I just don’t believe much in women’s idea of womanhood anymore. Women have never really been organised and that’s probably because they compete much more among their own sex for resources than people care to admit. The fact that technology has destroyed a lot of “traditional female” jobs has only made that worse.

This OP reminds me of a story I read in the Wall Street Journal regarding affirmative action. The story stated that white executive-level professionals had initially felt very intimidated by affirmative action. They worried that affirmative action programs would substantially reduce opportunities for them. The story concluded, however, that the same white professionals no longer felt intimidated, because years of affirmative action programs had produced only a miniscule number of minority group members joining their ranks.

I believe that, unfortunately, there is a parallel trend regarding women professionals. The trend toward a readily disposable workforce in many corporations hasn’t helped this situation, since insecurity fuels paranoia. Recent surveys I have seen in the news indicate that women still have a long way to go in obtaining equity in professional opportunities and compensation.

If women appear very determined to advance professionally, one might want to consider the possiblility that they simply are striving against the many obstacles that women still face professionally and socially. Why anyone would be bothered by anyone striving for personal growth and professional success is beyond my limited comprehension.

I thought the idea behing trhe glass-ceiling metaphor was that you can’t see it.

The last sentence is not a valid conclusion from the rest of the paragraph.

So could that maybe be due to the decrease in discrimination against women? It’s not that men’s achievement is declining, but that now, a woman who wants to and has the skills neccesary to become a pharmacist, for example, can become one, when 50 years ago, there would be social barriers put up making it difficult for her to. We might be moving to a more egalitarian society, where, for most things, one’s sex is irrelevent.

Sometime you should look up the infamous net.kook Doctress Neutopia and have a chat with her.

[kidding so don’t lynch me]
I thought women were losing power. They used to stay at home, which meant they could control their husband’s every move. Now they spend too much time at the office and he comes home early, turns on the game, cracks open a beer, a rips off a few farts–bachelor style.
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I always thought it was war that threw off the numbers.

ChasE.: Thank you. I found some interesting stuff while searching for Doctress Neutopia but her website seems to be down. It is listed on a page called What’s Weird On The Web along with a lot of other inaccessible websites. The Advent of the BobHead was one them - that sounds good.

War would be one reason why men tend to die at an earlier age. There’s also the higher rates of certain diseases among men and higher rates of participation in certain health or life-threatening behaviors.

Well, and because medical advances have made giving birth safer. Dying in childbirth used to be a major risk.

I just have one thing to say. Heap your abuse as you see fit.

We are now and have always been…a matriarchal society.

Who raises the next generation?

It takes a village. Who runs the village?