Is a Miata a chick car?

Several lists found on line show the Mazda Miata as a chick car. Really? What if it’s black? What if it has a manual transmission? In fact, is there really such a thing as a chick car?

It is, but some of us are [Rustler’s Rhapsody] confident [/RR] heterosexuals.

Actually, I’m too tall to drive one regularly, but enjoyed the week I had one.

I just did a google image search and it doesn’t look like a chick car to me (disclaimer: I’m a chick). It looks rather sporty. All the results I saw were sporty red or silver convertibles.

Whats missing in those pictures is a sense of scale. Miatas are SMALL. Small = chick. Or at the very least metrosexual

Seriously? I used to own a mazda rx7 which is small, sporty, and non-girly. My cousin is a car guy and he has like 3 of them. Small doesn’t = girly.

Well…a Miata might be a guy car for a certain kind of guy.,r:1,s:0

Yeah, it’s a chick’s car or a gay dude’s car. I’d still get an older one because they fit the classic British model of a lightweight convertible two seater sports car. That is, if I ever get rid of my Karman Ghia convertible.

Remember the short-lived Kirstie Alley tv show called Fat Actress? Stupid show, but I do remember one pretty funny gag from it. Forgive me if I screw up the details.

Kirstie wanders into a secluded area in central park where she thinks there’s some kind of “Kirstie Alley fan club convention” going on, but it’s actually a well known spot for anonymous gay hook ups where dozens of men have convened (and parked their cars) for that purpose. Much hilarity ensues. But when she first bursts into the clearing, she loudly exclaims “Look at all the Miatas!”

That sums up the Miata for me.

It’s for 50 year old balding men going through their midlife crisis (but too poor to afford a “cool” convertible).

Wait what? In what world does a manual transmission make a car manly?

As for the Miata it’s a not even remotely for tall people car. I’m 5’7" and when I test drove it I had to slouch so the top of the windshield wasn’t directly in my line of vision.

Drive one, then you will know that this is the best sports car made in the last 30 years. They are a hoot to drive.

The problem with the Miata is not that it’s small. The problem is that it’s cute. The Lotus Elise is smaller than the Miata, yet it is certainly not cute, “chick”, or “metrosexual”.

Imagine how I felt at 6’5"!

I drove Corvettes. My Eurotrash racing Broham drove Miatas. In a weak moment when we were both planning on selling our cars, we swapped them for a week.

The Corvette is a Sledgehammer. Hairy, knuckledragging.

The Miata is a Scalpel…and the most fun you can have under the speedlimit.

and I looked like I was driving a Radio Flyer.

Every Miata I have ever seen was driven by a grey-haired man.

The Miata is a great car, a masculine car, a car for people in the know. It’s one of those cars that tell you that its owner has breeding; one of the last, great British roadsters. I like the S2000 a little bit better, but you’ll never find a better fun to dollars ratio than in a Miata.

My brother’s a manly type man and he loves his red convertible Miata.

Ya know though now that I think of it coming home from work he probably does come off as a bit of a metrosexual despite being the sporty type. He may have a few gray hairs too.

I voted yes because a friend once lent me his Miata for a long weekend and I realized that the crossbar of the windshield was exactly at eyeball height for me.

It was a fun car to drive, but I was clearly too tall for it. Must be a chick car then.

I’ve heard Tom and Ray seriously recommend the Miata to many callers, both men and women. Their advice isn’t always serious (or right, for that matter), but I think I’d trust them on the Miata if I were in the market for a 2-seater.

I knew someone once who drove a Miata. She was a chick. Therefore, because 100% of the Miata drivers I have met are female, I am forced to conclude that it’s a chick car.

What’s up with calling the (girly) Miata a British roadster? It’s a Mazda. Japanese.