Is a wireless DVD burner practical?

Just wondering if any of the wireless standards (ie bluetooth, 802.x spec etc) could allow for attaching and detaching of a wireless standalone DVD burner that would be afforable and have useful throughput.

Just curious.

Possibly if your willing to put up with long burn times but I fail to see the demand. Any DVD burner is going to require external power anyway or risk dying in the middle of a burn so its not that much of a stretch to plug in an extra cable. And adding wireless capabilities is going to make it a lot more expensive for negligible gain.

IMO, hell no — not with any wireless technology currently in use. USB is barely adequate and USB (IIRC) tends to actually attain pretty close to its theoretical max throughput in ordinary situations, whereas you see a much bigger gap between actual and theoretical max with lots of wireless environments.

This would be especially true if you were talking about burning regular video DVDs (as opposed to, say, data DVDROMs of your 14 hundred zillion favorite essays in Microsoft Word format. I think because of the way they are burned, DVD video disk burners have to receive the data at least at the playback rate and if it ever falls behind that you get a coffee coaster instead. Thus there are minimum CPU speed requirements for streaming video to a DVD burner but you could probably burn data DVDROM disks from computers with slower CPUs.

Okay, after looking at the DVD FAQ , 802.11b at 11 Mbps theoretical peak falls just short of burning a 1x DVD. 802.11a/g at 55Mbps peak could theoretically burn a 5x DVD but, in reality, would get less than 30Mbps so 2x could be feasible. SuperG which is a proprietry format running at 110Mbps could theoretically burn at 10x but would be hard pressed to burn more than 6x. So it is theoretically possible.