Is all the gratutitous sex in Nip/Tuck really necessary?

Excuse me while my prude side comes out.

I really like the show Nip/Tuck. The characters are well played and have a great depth, the stories are very interesting. I get really involved in it.

Except when someone has to have sex. I am really not ready for XXX imagery on a TV channel I don’t special order. The sex scenes are too graphic (IMHO), and I find myself changing the channel during them or plugging my ears and looking away from the TV.

For instance, on the episode on now they just showed Sean having sex with a doll!! ALL of it (I think - I did change the channel, but came back twice to see it stil on).

Anybody else share my opinion or wanna tell me why all this graphic sex is a good thing.


Sorry, that line just struck me as funny.

I don’t quite share your opinions, I thought I’d like the show but found the characters didn’t feel believable to me. I did keep watching the sex for a few episodes, hoping the rest of it would get better, but ultimately it moved off my list of stuff to watch.

As to why they do it? Ratings.

I’d have to say yes, yes it is necessary.

I saw this program a couple of times and although there is usually a decent story line it is not a program I would set my VCR to record or regret that I missed. The surgeries are somewhat interesting in the episodes that I watched and that is what pulled me into the show. Sex sells and that is what brings viewers back even if the program does not have much else going for it.

“Gratuitous sex?” I know what those words mean seperately, but put together like that, it makes no sense!

If it’s gratuitous it’s not necessary, by definition. And vice versa.

My SO usually does this during the surgery scenes. Not so much of a problem with the sex scenes. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re kidding, right? This is FX, its not Cinemax. They don’t even show nudity (unless the insides of a woman’s breasts qualify :rolleyes: ). I personally wouldn’t consider the sex graphic, since they don’t show anything. Hell, its barely softcore at the worst. :stuck_out_tongue:

Am I the only one that finds something weird in this OP? :confused:

Yes. Also, yes. And I’m a huge prude when it comes to stuff like that. I practically have to leave the room during Queer as Folk. But in Nip/Tuck? Eh, that’s just how the show is.

Also, this strikes me as kind of a weird question considering that part of the whole point of the show is that it features a lot of “graphic” (for basic cable) sex. That and the graphic surgery scenes are the two angles they’ve played up since they first started airing commercials for the show.

It’s like watching Buffy and then asking if all of this vampire slaying is really necessary.

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Well, my point is that I don’t feel it is necessary for the show.
The show would stand on it’s own without having soft-core porn.
As a matter of fact I think it would make the show better.
I see how it will attract more people to watch it then would otherwise - those who are just interested in watching folks have sex without having to pay for it - but iif it’s making me change the channel, then I think it’s detracting from the show.

QaF has waaaay more sex than the two episodes of Nip and Tuck that I’ve seen. I’m sure not complaning, though it was kind of upsetting when Sean had sex with the doll. :smiley:

To reiterate Miller…there is no such thing as gratuitous sex. All sex scenes are necessary to the plot! :smiley:

But not to the extent to which is shown.

Like why can’t we see them start to kiss (or walk up to the plastic doll) and then just show fireworks? :stuck_out_tongue:

Or you could watch Seventh Heaven, I’m pretty sure it’s in reruns now. :smiley:

I’m not THAT bad. :rolleyes:

Ok, maybe I am. :wink:

Crap, I totally forgot to watch it last night! :frowning: I’ll have to remember to tape/watch one of the reruns this weekend.

Regarding the OP, I don’t find the sex in Nip/Tuck to be gratuitous (Miller: ha!). It’s no worse than anything you might see in an R-rated movie, and I like that the show isn’t afraid to ‘go there.’ Besides, how the characters have sex says a lot about them. The first episode, with Sean listlessly banging Julia while mentally reviewing his to-do list as Christian screws the hell out of some chick across town, is a classic example: it introduced those characters better than any dialogue could have. Part of why I like the show is that sex is an important part of life for these characters, and Nip/Tuck tackles it heads-on (no pun intended…heh). If it’s making you change the channel, it doesn’t mean it’s gratuitous or bad for the show – it just means it isn’t right for you. That’s what remote controls are all about. :wink:

I would just like to state, for the record, that I am not saying that Nip/Tuck or any other show that wishes to show explicit sex should be taken off the air. I am all for freedom of expression in all forms. It is up to an individual whether they want to view it or not, and they can change the channel and allow other people their freedom to watch soft-core porn if they like. And I personally will continue to watch this show, despite being personally put off by the sex scenes, because I enjoy the show for other reasons.

I was just reading from this thread in particular this quote:

and felt I needed to say this. I hate “for the children’s sake” arguments.