nip/tuck 06.22

Huh. No nip/tuck thread? Perhaps I’m the only one who’s fallen in love with this show. This could replace er for me.

Last night was this season’s premiere on f/x. XM Satelllite radio sponsored the episode, so there were no commercials.

There was lots of sex. And some graphic surgery scenes. And lots of sick, dark humor.

Am I the only one who loves this show? Who saw last night’s episode? Did you like it?

Wow. That is one seriously fucked up show. I love it.

I only discovered it recently, so I’ve just seen a few of the past episodes–when I could find them! I was hoping that they’d run some kind of marathon of episodes, so I could catch up, but I didn’t see one. I think I’ll just nip over to TVTome and tuck into the recaps.

Speaking of recaps, I wonder why TWOP doesn’t recap this one. It would seem to be good fodder for them.

Some thoughts:

–I am so glad Roma Maffia has joined the cast permanently. She’s one of our great underappreciated character actors. (One of the reasons I love Law & Order so much is that they make such good use of female character actors. Roma Maffia was on several times as a big-mouth public defender.)

–Speaking of casting, this show is cast brilliantly. One of the things that impresses me so much about it is that the people on it are actually so much less perfect than the Hollywood ideal. For example, by any normal standard, Joely Richardson would be a 10. by Hollywood standards, she’s not. This lends a disturbing note of realism, especially since the show is ABOUT acheiving perfect beauty.

–Speaking of casting–again–I thought they did a great job with using Vanessa Redgrave. My inital thought was “uh-oh. Stunt casting.” Of course it’s not at all uncommon for real-life relatives to portray that same relationship onscreen. Why not? At least it looks realistic. But I loved how this show took the opportunity to explore some of the ramifications of the physical similarities of a mother and daughter. And how it showed the competitive nature of that mother/daughter relationship–especially as it related to that physical similarity. Brilliant! Plus, they just seemed so natural with one another. I admit, it occurred to me that maybe they weren’t 100% acting. I have absolutely no idea what their real-life relationship is like, but they deliberately put something on screen that would make people wonder about it, and perhaps jump to some bad conclusions. That takes real guts, and I admire that immensely. (Not that anyone ever accused the Redgrave clan of not being gutsy!)

–The characters of the two doctors is amazing. It would have been so easy to make Christian the “bad guy” and Sean the “good guy.” And that’s exactly what they are on the surface. But it’s hardly that simple. In many shows, complex characters are still shown within the basic framework of good vs. bad. Not here. From what I’ve seen, so many of Sean’s failings come from the fact that he is weak, afraid to take a stand. And though he is supposedly the more ethical of the two, he’s not. He talks a good game, but routinely makes deeply unethical decisions. Like forming a partnership with a doctor that he knows is inept, and deliberately promoting the notion that he is highly competent.

And I have a lot more to say, but I gotta go!

love it love it love it. Really, I was on pins and needles waiting for this show to come back on.

Never mind that Julian McMahon is blistering hot and sexy.

I notice that this season is going to obviously have a crapload more graphic surgery. That facelift nearly did me in, particularly, the creation of the cheekbones.

I love the story of the mangled girl and her friend that she won’t let ‘grow old’.

A great show all around, can’t wait for next week.

I also love this show and was waiting impatiently for the new season. What I want to know is did Vanessa Redgrave really have a face lift? If not, how can she come back and not have changed from the surgery? Or will they have some really great makeup artist “fix” her up?

Sean’s kid looks so much better this year with shorter hair. He still creeps me out a little and he wasn’t in this episode much but it looked like from the previews he’s going to get caught for hitting that girl last season. That should be a good story line.

I’m so surprized by what they can get away with on this show. There is so much nudity I would think might get censored but I am so glad it doesn’t. I’m looking forward to Tuesday nights now!

Sean’s kid? Don’t be so sure. I"ll bet $5 it comes out that he’s Christian’s son this season.

Yep, I think that is what the paternity test will show… should make for an even more interesting relationship between Sean and Christian. Though that’ll probably come later in the season. Early on this season it’ll be interesting to see how Sean’s ‘yips’ will cause trouble.

And why, oh why, does that kid remind me so much of Michael Jackson? Seriously, he could be attractive, but all I can think is “freakishly funny looking.”

With all of these shows lately showing plastic surgeries… not only can I not watch any longer, but I’m now completely convinced that I’d rather gnaw my own foot off before I’d subject myself to cosmetic surgery. Especially lipsuction. :shudder: Gah!

Would someone mind explaining something? How is it that Wilbur appears to be black? Did Christian agree to raise a child that wasn’t biologically his? If so, why?
In other news, my husband has officially declared that he will not watch Nip/Tuck again, and made me promise to never watch it in the bedroom. I was really surprised, as he’s never ever asked any think like that before.
I’ll spoiler-box the reason, as it is definitely TMI, but I thought it was interesting.
It turns out that late Tuesday night, he was attempting to, uh, get things on with me. But he couldn’t get into the mood, because disturbing images from Nip/Tuck kept popping into his mind unbidden! He lavished lots of attention on me, which was great, but I was wondering why he kept stopping every minute or so, and shaking his head like he was trying to get water out of his ears or something! Last night wasn’t as bad, but was more or less the same thing.
I think he was really traumatized by the show, not just the surgical stuff, but the whole thing.

I’m really surprised by how strongly it affected him. While he doesn’t especially seek out gory movies, they don’t bother him at all. I’m really squeamish, so I never watch gory stufff, including the surgical scenes on Nip/Tuck. Maybe he’s so used to the cartoonish ridiculous violence of movies, that he doesn’t have that kind of squint-your-eyes/look-away/leave-the-room reflex that I have to shield myself from disturbing images. Also, he’s watched plenty of surgery. But I guess there’s a difference between seeing someone have a heart valve repaired and having a graphic close-up view of someone voluntarily having their face torn apart.

I’m glad he didn’t see the episode where the girl got hit by the car. I made myself look at that girl’s face. Garrgh.

Pretty much.
Once he got used to the idea of Gina being pregnant, it turned out that he was really excited about having a kid, and he wanted to be a father (even with her as the mom). Then Wilbur showed up…and it turned out that Gina must have had “blackout sex,” (like blackout drinking, I guess?) she didn’t even remember it. But, Christian decided that he wasn’t abandoning his kid just because it wasn’t biologically his, so he’s still dad, despite the DNA. (There was a subplot last year where we found out Christian was adopted and raised by a sexually abusive jerk - there’s probably some of the “I want to do better than him” going on, too.)

I loved this show last year! Since then I’ve moved, and I don’t have cable. I can’t watch it anymore which makes me sad. Hmph.

Which season is this show in? I just watched the first three episodes of the first season on DVD. I was horrified and fascinated, augh! But I’m dying to see the next ones. I have one question though…some of the dramatic moments are so unbelievable. Is this intentional? It sort of annoys me and reminds me of soap operas when unbelievable event after unbelievable event takes place. (Context - I hate soap operas)

Are the following moments purposefully hyperbolic absurdity, or are they intended to be believable?

-mom flushes gerbil and actually has to go to an anger management class/police officer comes to her house because she’s “murdered” an animal/other parents think she’s a bad mother/plumber calls her a murderer and won’t accept money for unclogging the toilet

Would anyone really care half this much in real life if a gerbil were flushed down the toilet?

-Christian sleeps with emotional disasters the Doublemint twins, one of whom still has a bandage on her face, and when Sean’s wife discovers him with them both in his bed at the time she’s supposed to be coming over for their date, he doesn’t even act sorry/ashamed/apologetic.

What am I missing that is cool about this completely unbelievable stuff?