Nip and Tuck

What, no thread on the Season Finale of Nip and Tuck?

I read all the buzz about this before the series started and watched one of the early episodes. I wasn’t impressed. I happened to watch the show a few weeks ago and was surprised at how good it had become.

I love the dark humor and the “downward spiral” that the plot took towards the season’s final episode last night. I assume the season will be shown in re-runs soon so I can catch up on some earlier episodes.

Anyone else have a similar experience with this show? How does it compare to SKIN? I haven’s seen any of that one yet.

Too bad we have to wait so long for THE SHIELD to fill in the Tues 10PM time slot on FX.

I was really impressed with how the show has been heading over the past 4 episodes. First and foremost I am impressed with how graphic the show is- you actually get to see what they are doing. The one thing that bugged me about the end of the finale is

Even though the evil drug dealer got caught, Sean got back with his wife and his partner has decided to be a father even though its not even his baby (that bitch!) it still kind of bothers me that they as plastic surgeons didn’t at the very least wind up getting closed down for doing all those illegal operations. I was expecting them to try to get immunity in exchange for testimony, since they were more or less hostages to the guy. I think the show did a good job of making the audience really hate the drug dealer.

I love this show, finally a show that is adult that I can get into. I love that it is more edgy- the language and content, than other shows. I was hooked from the first episode. I tell you what, just when i think I know how an episode will go, they throw me a curve, that I was not even thinking about.

I do not know how to do spoiler boxes, so SPOILER ALERTS.

I don’t think the writers handled the Gina pregnancy correct. I like the animosity between Christian and Gina. But, I think after Christian delivered the baby, it should have turned out white, instead of black (I know she is a Sex-Addict). Christian could have ordered Paternity Tests done on this baby, and as time has it, this would have been a cliff-hanger. He tells Sean that he has doubts of the Paternity and he ordered the test, but it will be some time until he knows for sure. Then next season, Christain finds out the Paternity, finds out he is not the father, but takes responsibility, like he did in this episode, saying he know has someone who depends on him and he has a family, he has bonded with this kid. He doesn’t know if he and Gina will become a couple - which I really doubt, but he would have a reason to grow-up and straighten out his life, and be a better father than his was to him. Then in next years season, the true baby’s father bumps into Gina, Christian and the baby, and realizes the baby is his, and sues for custody. Locking Gina and Christian together fighting this guy in court.

I want Matt to be Sean’s, not Christian’s.

I like what they did to the Drug Lord, cool to give him a face of a guy who was wanted by the FBI, I thought that was slick.

Burning Questions
What happened to Cara?, and Sophia Lopez? What happens if Megan O’hara’s ex-husband finds out Sean had an affair with her?
What about Jude, did Julia cut him loose?

Will Liz come back?, now that the mess with Escobar is fixed, and what about legal implications?, Escobar may rat them out, and when they take his fingerprints, they are going to find out who he really is, and Escobar could drag Sean and Christian down, bringing back to ruin, unless they can cop a deal.

What about Kimber and Merrill, I don’t think she will stay with him.
Will she try to get back with Christian, and if so, will this bring feelings to Gina to fight for Christian?

What will happen to them next season? I don’t want to wait until June 2004, for this show for the answers.

I LOVE THIS SHOW. I just wish the parent groups trying to keep advertisers away would fucking grow up and mind there own business. It’s not like it’s on at 8:00, it’s on when kids are in bed.

I wanted to know the paternity test results for Matt. I didn’t like being left hanging on that. What if the show doesn’t come back for another season? Then I’ll never know whose kid he is. (I know, I know, I should get a life.) Intaglio you have some great questions and ideas for next season. I don’t want to wait either, the season was too short as it was.

:eek: I don’t know if I can wait until June. I love this show–it’s the only show that I follow religiously anymore.

The episode where Megan O’Hara killed herself really got to me. I was totally shaken up for a week after that aired (not sure if that is counted as a spoiler or not, but erring on the side of caution). It was a relief in the end, though; the affair made me really dislike Sean, and I found that Megan was way too saccharine for my tastes.

I’m especially interested in finding out what happens with Cara and Sophia. Truthfully, I don’t really care about Gina or Kimber. I absolutely hate Kimber.

Are we way behind on Nip/Tuck on CTV in Canada?

Here, this week’s episode was the one with Matt’s desultory threesome and Christian’s mystery vandal situation developing.

No clue about all the paternity stuff, although with hindsight I suppose it’s been foreshadowed enough.

Talking of foreshadowing, does Matt’s idealized-but-gay girlfriend’s idle suggestion that things would be less complicated if Matt was female point to Matt seriously considering gender reassignment surgery at some time in the future? Jeez, if his dad’s hands got shaky when he was called upon to perform a mere circumcision…

Love the show, although I missed a few episodes. Worth having on DVD, I think.

I love this show, can’t wait for the DVDs to be released. Great ending with the drug dealer, though you know its going to come back to bite them in the ass next season. Its nice to see a show have a happy season finale for once, and Nip/Tuck pulled it off perfectly. Not that I dislike unhappy ones either if they’re done right (I consider Season 3 of The Sopranos to be the most brilliant thing to ever appear on television).

Best moment though was the black baby. I’m glad Christian deccided to take it in. It shows how much his character has changed. He really wants a family.

I cant beliece I keep missing this show. I for one also agree that this is one for the DVD collection. I don’t think Christian should be a dad unless they are going to do a total about face and switch the future priorities of the partners.

I watched the re-broadcast of the Season Finale, and I wonder if Gina isn’t having feelings toward Christian, especially talking to Julia and watching the birth video of Julia’s kids.