Nip/Tuck season 4 premiere (spoilers)

Well this season’s off to a good start. Julia hasn’t changed much. And Christian’s menage a trois, very creepy :eek: !

Loved it.

Based on the previews for the season, it looks like Larry Hagman and his wife are going to use McNamara Troy as a front company for selling organs. That will be interesting.

Refresh my memory - did Kimber die last season, or just disappear?

Neither, really- she was captured by the Carver, carved up, had what amounted to Stockholm Syndrome, and walked away from Christian. She was shown in (non-after-the-show) season teasers, so I bet we’ll be seeing her at some point.

Loved the Mattlessness- hope they keep it up.

I freaking MISSED it! I had even gone into my Season Pass Manager to move Nip/Tuck up to the #1 position and verify (what I thought were) all the settings so it superceded all other programming. But nooooooo, it didn’t bother to record it at all! Somehow TIVO managed to lose the freaking channel number associated with FX between last season and this, which, of course, the Season Pass Manager doesn’t tell you, as the whole thing looks just fine until it doesn’t record and you go to the To Do List, check what did and didn’t get recorded and see under the channel header the word “missing.” AND, for probably like the first time ever, they don’t appear to be re-showing it anytime in the near future. F*CKERS!

I only managed to catch the last 8 or 9 minutes (it also ran at an utterly bizarre time – 8:11 to 9:22 – what’s up with that!!!), so basically all I saw was Christian screwing Brooke Shields over the desk and Sean crying about his unborn baby’s deformities. Can anyone fill me in on what I missed?

I missed the first ten minutes or so, so I didn’t get to see the menage. Was that what Christian referred to later, when he told Brooke Shields that he celebrated something by screwing two women until his dick nearly fell off?

I liked the Mattlessness too, but there was an earlier preview where Christian was telling Kimber to stay away from his son, so I expect we’ll be seeing him later.

I liked the watching Christian with Sean after the therapist suggested to Christian that maybe he was in love with Sean. Are they going to go there?

I liked Julia with the woman from Carnivale. Sean should have been there too.

I didn’t like Larry Hagman’s wife, and I didn’t buy Sean’s breakdown over the news of their baby’s deformity. I’m tired of Christian’s sex life (can’t call it a “love life”).

I’ll probably keep watching, but I won’t look forward to it.

Could Julia even get a (legal) abortion in Florida if she wanted too? She’s in her third trimester, but the fetus is deformed. Or would she need to go abroad of have Sean do it?

Please spoil in more detail! I just finished catching up on season three on DVD rental and am jonesing for more.

I was pissed to see Costa and Kit in the still for the print ads; will they really come back to the US and continue carving?? Please let that story line die!

According to the “world of the show” no. Which is why she’s been sitting on the information and didn’t tell Sean until it was too late to do anything about it.

I kind of half watched last season, sort of. How did Sean and Julia end up back together?

Ironically they got back together because Julia got pregnant. So I wonder if Julia will actually end up giving birth. Anything’s possible on this show.

I didn’t see it ( I pay 10 dollars a months just for HBO and local channels but have been able to get one or two regular cable channels as well. For the last month it has been FX… earlier yesterday it switched to Spike tv) but I imagine the idea behind making the baby deformed is to explore the reality that some parents have gotten their severely deformed and/or developmentally disabled children massive plastic surgery for them to appear normal.

The first fifteen minutes of the premiere was Christian screwing a mom/daughter pair. OMG that Mom was really scary looking too, in a Jocelyn (whatever her last name is - the one who looks like a cat due to plastic surgery). She was just gross.

Screwing Brooke Shields was just wrong. We’ll see more of her since she’s a recurring character this season. I pondered the “you’re in love with your partner”. It could be true. He does seem to want all that Sean has and is.

Julian (the man) looks heavier this year. His face is much more round. He was more attractive with a more angular face.

I too wondered where Matt was. He’s a creepy dude.

Not bad. I like the way the writers are refocusing on the characters rather than something like that silly Carver sub-plot. I thought the first half worked better than the second half. As for the baby… are they going to find a baby actor with that congenital defect to play the part…? I suspect there will be some miracle and the kid will turn out to be OK. Or maybe Christian and Sean will develop some new surgery and come to the rescue.

I think the whole exchange toward the beginning, where Sean wants to flip the statistics from 30% reconstructive/70% cosmetic for the next 5,000 surgeries fairly clearly foreshadowed that Sean at least will throw himself into finding some kind of reconstructive solution.

Which, incidentally, I thought already existed? I mean, I doubt they could ever make them look like “normal” hands, but can’t doctors already reconstruct enough to have one or two functioning fingers?

Julian has gotten a little… softer, and there’s something weird going on with his hair, but he’s still a total hottie. But minor cosmetic nitpick, if they’re going to continue to have nekkid scenes (PLEASE CONTINUE TO HAVE NEKKID SCENES): one would think that Christian is the type to go au natural in the tanning booth, if you know what I mean. The whiteness, it burns. :smiley: