Is America a Fascist Country? Are we the next Egypt?

I know this interview was conducted by prison planet (no one likes that place around here), but Alex Jones doesn’t make any interjections. This is Former Assistant Secretary of Housing under George H.W. Bush Catherine Austin Fitts talking about the current economic situation.

I found it very interesting, though most of what she said is nothing new to me.

Do you guys see an uprising happening in the US similar to what happened in Egypt? Is the Internet Kill Switch bill a sign that the US fears the same thing happening?

What side would you be on if there was an uprising?

No and no.

Also, since you’re apparently aware of the posting habits around here (or are a bot) you’ll know that posting a link to an hour long video with no summary is frowned upon.

No, not fascist.
No, not the next Egypt.
Yes, Prison Planet is run by a crazy Illuminati-believing freakjob.
Yes, content published on Prison Planet is probably also pretty crazy.
If there was a revolution in America, I’d probably be on the side that said “Fuck this, I’m moving to Canada.”

Umm… there IS a summary under the youtube video…

First a lot of people will need to rob banks to get out of the United States.

Canada requires you prove you have $11,000 in assets to be allowed in.

No, it doesn’t.

You know, you can look this stuff up on the Internet, so just making stuff up isn’t going to fly.

Oh? Why don’t you tell me what it says?


And if you don’t meet any of those criteria? Then I imagine they do look at assets.

For those who are curious,Fitts is a Troofer.

This. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

And you really have to be smokin’ crack to even start trying to consider the practical aspects of that “Internet Kill Switch” hogwash. Sheeesh.

Did anyone actually even read the bill?

Those are ALL the categories. If you don’t meet any of those criteria, you cannot immigrate to Canada.

The only other legal path in is refugee status, and obviously refugees aren’t asked for eleven grand.

The Scorched Earth Party.

Did you?

You don’t think that such infrastructure could be misused? And do the benefits really outweigh the harm? How much money do you think we would lose if the internet went out all over the country even for a day?

Should we really be relying on the same tactic as pulling the plug on our modem for our nations entire network?

Egypt: same guy has been president for 30 years.
USA: five different presidents in 30 years.

Egypt: one party state since 1978
USA: presidency has switched between two major parties six times since 1978.

Egypt: since 1968: “state of emergency”.
USA: since 1968: public protests led to withdrawl from unpopular war; corrupt president forced to resign; civil liberties continue despite terrorist attacks; and deep criticism of foreign military operations.

Are we the next Egypt? In a pig’s eye.

Financial terrorist #1: I want to sacrifice the American middle class!
FT#2: Of course, I want that, too!
FT#1: But how can we manage that?
FT#2: I know, we’ll steal a bunch of money and hide it in offshore accounts.
FT#1: Hmm, that hadn’t occurred to me, but I guess it would work.

Somehow, I think that, even to the extent that’s true, the cause and effect are mixed up.

Do you really think that taking a Troofer at their word when they see yet another dastardly conspiracy is really the best policy?

The youtube summary you quoted seems to boil down to “The fiscal policy of the US is unsound and has resulted in a huge national debt, which is probably going to come back to bite use in the future.” While I probably disagree on some of the finer points, I’ll concede the main idea. However, I fail to see the link between having an enormous national debt and fascism. Where’s the authoritarian government? The single-party state? The rampant nationalism? Do you really understand what “fascist” means?

Has a Great Debates thread that begins with a link to to a YouTube video ever ended well? I’m not interested in watching that thing, nilum, but anyone who thinks the U.S. is a fascist country has no understanding of fascism, and anyone who thinks the situation in the U.S. is really similar to the situation in Egypt has no understanding of what is happening in either country. That’s true no matter how much you may think the federal government has overreached in recent years (or many decades) and no matter what one former cabinet official says.

I think that some would argue successfully that quite a few presidents have been in the pocket of corporations and banks, and to a major extent both parties pander to lobbyists. When the leaders of this country are picked by how much money they can throw at a campaign and what corporations are endorsing them, how can we have anything but fascism in this country.

Also, our liberties are under constant threat of being stripped away by the populace either through indifference, desire for more government control of our lives, or by giving the government more power to protect us.

We’re also continually hearing from our own government about how well the Chinese model works, if it’s not the Internet infrastructure, it’s their economy. Of course there is no mention about poor living conditions, pollution, and human rights violations in the what they espouse.

The problem is most of the people on this message board are not poor and probably have stock in the corrupt system. It works for them. It protects their interests. Who cares how many get screwed as long as it’s best for me and my family. I get this vibe from many of the members here.

I pity you for not having any type of perspective.