Is American cheese sold in a block?

I want some, but I don’t want slices.

I checked out Fred Meyer (Kroeger’s)–I live in the U.S.–

I could only find slices.

I wanna make the mac and cheese like in the new article in the NY Times, which calls for half American and half cheddar.

Any ideas?

I’ve seen blocks of American cheese in the deli case, like Boar’s Head and brands like that. They would typically use the electric slicer to cut you off slices, but I’m sure you could tell them you want a half-pound block, and they’d just cut you off that much.

Oh, Duh!!

Thank you!!!

:eek: That would be unnatural! American cheese should be sold in slices individually wrapped in plastic sheaths, just the way it’s harvested from the tree!

Sold in slices? That’s so odd. I only buy block and then use one of these nifty manual cheese slicers to get the work done. Mm, freshly sliced.

That’s American-style processed cheese food, which is an entirely different thing from American cheese.

I used to buy Kraft American Cheese that come in a block in a blue box. It was for a recipe for a really good chili-cheese dip. It hung out in the Velveeta section.

Not sure if they still sell it that way, as it has been a while since I’ve looked. But like posted above, you can always go to the deli section and buy a block from there.

I just made that using slices. American cheese doesn’t grate all that well anyway; I just sliced it in thin strips. Good mac!

Not according to Homer Simpson. And, on food-related matters, what higher authority could there be? :wink:

HOMER (raiding refrigerator at midnight): Hmm! 64 slices of American cheese! One . . . two . . three . . .


MARGE: Have you been up all night eating cheese?!

HOMER: I think I’m blind.

Not so. You’re thinking of Velveeta, which I guess comes individually wrapped (decades ago it was in a big block; don’t know about today, haven’t bought the stuff in years). But American cheese is also sold that way, as is cheddar.

I’m still of the school of thought, that says if you want to make a proper Macaroni and Cheese you have to use some amount or a blend with Velveeta. I wouldn’t dismiss Velveeta right out of hand, it really does have its uses.

Most delis also sell “cheese ends,” which are the remainder of a “block” left over when it gets too small to cut efficiently.

They are sold at a discount compared to the “sliced” version.

We use them for making Mac-n-cheese just like described in the OP.

I personally don’t like provalone, so I request that none of that is included in my purchase.

Each batch comes out a bit different, but it’s always good!


There’s American cheese and then there’s American cheese processed cheese food (not Velveeta). Some folks might think of that as American cheese, especially since the commercials try to tell us about real milk being used in it.

My grocery store sells “cubes” that are pre-packaged (presumably for appetizers, but I’m sure it’d work for what you intend as well). Couldn’t you also use 1/2 American and 1/2 cheddar slices?

I think you meant “Pasteurized Processed Cheese Food Product”.

I love that they actually have to tell you that it’s “Food” (you certainly can’t tell from eating it).

That stuff is a far cry from the American cheese I remember from my youth, usually purchased from a deli in Philadelphia. Some of the markets here in the Bay Area sell a product resembling real American cheese, but it’s still obviously processed material.

The problem is that they aren’t really supposed to sell it to the end (human) consumer.

It’s really what they feed to cheese to make it grow up big and strong, but due to one shipping mistake in the 1960’s… :smiley:

You know, that may be the most logical explanation I’ve ever seen for such an abomination. :wink:

I’ll take that any day over “potted meat food product.” I once got close enough to an open can of that stuff to smell it. Never again. 'Druther eat cat food.

Yes, it’s better, but they only sell it all “jibbled up.” (Not bad topped with Cholula hot sauce, though.)

Not even cheaper, in a lot of places!

Spoiler coming: Have the trash can or purloined airlne barf bag ready—

How ‘bout them Vienna Sausages? Talk about opening your eyes up at the ol’ campfire, huh? They make a BBQ version now.

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