Is Andy Sipowitz the most unlikable "good guy" on a tv series?

Those were all during my childhood, and I remember it as the promos making a big deal about him, and yet it just all seemed like him being… yes, unlikable. Maybe I was too young to get whatever subtlety there was to it, but not so long ago I saw some mention of him as a comedian and I ended up watching some clip on youtube from some movie where he’s trying to die for insurance reasons, IIRC (what’s more American than needing to die for insurance reasons?) and so he’s in this endless car chase where the car loses most of itself from constant smashes along the way, and I didn’t find that funny either. Someday I’ll find out whether he’s done anything enjoyable.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Can’t stand The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Smug, bullying, ungrateful…


And it was a superpower that he took into and used to great effect in his movie roles - I’m thinking of 9 to 5, and Meet the Applegates. Under-rated as an excellent comic actor because he played the bad / unpleasant boss or official so well.