Is Andy Sipowitz the most unlikable "good guy" on a tv series?

I mean, the guy doesn’t smile or seem to enjoy himself, even when he’s with his kid. He doesn’t have a charming personality, apparently, he doesn’t have any hobbies or other activities like bowling, etc so what would make him attractive to women? What would they talk about.? He’s the same character and personality he was on Hill Street Blues.

Are we talking Lt. Buntz? There was a local cop we salled Buntz. He was a spitting image right down to the way he spoke.

sorry, forgot to cite program NYPD Blue as my reference

I don’t know enough about NYPD blue, so I can’t rank the hierarchy, But SVU’s Detective (Un) Stabler is pretty unlikable.

CSI’s Sara Sidel is horrible. And smug because she’s schtupping the boss.

The Closer’s Brenda Leigh Johnson is a malignant narcissist, and skates through life because others cover for her. She had at least three people killed.

Dabney Coleman starred in three comedies on NBC: Buffalo Bill, The Slap Maxwell Story, and Madman of the People. In each show he played a selfish, egotistical misanthrope. Another comedy on Fox, Drexell’s Class, tried to soften Coleman’s character slightly by making him a teacher (who was only teaching to work off his sentence for tax evasion), but he still hated his coworkers. All of these shows were short-lived, mostly because Coleman’s characters were irredeemably unlikable.

Having just rewatched The Thick of It, even the ‘nicer’ parliamentarians and staff are repellent, venal, petty, morally corrupt and weak human beings. And then there are the baddies like Malcolm Tucker …

Apropos of this thread: Is Gul Dukat the most likable "bad guy" on a TV series?

Andy began to deal with his racism, but I don’t think he ever went to rehab, did he? At some point, Andy has a dream and realizes his racist, drunk, asshole father had lied to him all these years about a black guy attacking him and getting him fired or something and that that lie was the root cause of Andy’s own racism.

Andy Sipowicz in rehab would be a reality show I would watch, at any rate.

Andy ranks up there on the unlikable good guys list, insofar that he is a good guy. I just wish they hadn’t gone full Job on him — Andy Jr is murdered, then Bobby dies, then Silvia is murdered, then Danny is murdered. It’s like he’s so unlikable that every couple of seasons they had to kill off someone close to him to recalibrate the audience’s sympathy for him. But at least he gets to marry Charlotte Ross. Who then almost gets murdered like 2 episodes after they marry or something.

I’m sure Jack Nicholson must be in the running, for some character or other (OK, probably film rather than TV)

Is Gaius Baltar a good guy on the recent Battlestar Galactica? He really is terrible.

I wouldn’t say he’s a good guy. Sure, he was tricked into playing a major role in the genocide of the human race at the beginning of the series, but even then, he went along with the plan because he was corruptly trying help the woman he was sleeping with, and gave her access to restricted systems that were then hacked by the Cylons.

He then spent the rest of the series lying and scheming to avoid being revealed as the unwitting pawn of the Cylons who made the genocide possible.

Add in his regular descents into madness of one form or another, and there’s very little “good” there.

Dr. Gregory House? I guess that’s pushing the definition of what a “good guy” even is.

Yes, he was the titular main character, and he was a supposedly brilliant diagnostician (though he certainly made his share of wrong guesses before finally figuring out the Mystery Illness of the Week). So he saved lives (eventually).

But he was such a dick, and his interpersonal relationships were so toxic, that I don’t know if you can even call him a “good guy”. He drove a car through his ex-girlfriend’s living room, fer chrissake.

Like George Costanza on Seinfeld (also unlikable, IMO) , Andy Sipowicz is catnip to the ladies because he has a good job, is straight, appears moral and hardworking, and (in between slain wives) is single. In NYC that is more than good enough for many women.

Does Walter White on ‘Breaking Bad’ fit in here anywhere? I despised almost everyone on that show, lol, but … is he a good guy?

Well, he recently got nominated in the corresponding “bad guy” thread, so at best you could say he’s morally ambiguous.

Claire Danes’s character Carrie on Homeland seems to have several meltdowns per season and it was unclear to me why anyone would want to hire and/or date her.

House was neither a good guy or a bad guy. Sipowitz is closer to likeable bad-guy than unlikeable good-guy, imo. Doesn’t help that his character, along with 24, really did a good job helping normalize LEO brutality in the US population.

Possibly not as unlikeable as some of the others mentioned, but all of the main characters on The Big Bang Theory had some pretty major character flaws and quirks, to the point where most people would likely have had a difficult time remaining friends with them.

Two of the biggest offenders, IMO, were Sheldon Cooper and Howard Wolowitz.

  • Cooper was portrayed with many of the traits which are sometimes ascribed to those with Asperger’s Syndrome: lacking in empathy, uncomprehending of (and dismissive of) social norms, petty, and rigid about routines. He was also self-centered and egotistical, and regularly pointed out his intellectual superiority to others.
  • Wolowitz was an insatiable horndog, and heavily objectified women. He personified the stereotype of the Jewish “mama’s boy,” while also constantly insulting his mother about her weight. He was also craven, spineless, and fled from any confrontation.

The same could be said about the casts of Everybody Loves Raymond, How I Met Your Mother, Friends, and especially Seinfeld. Would you really want to be neighbros with any of them?

Good call, she’s a great character but also an absolutely terrible human being. I’ll spoiler the highlights:

Remember the time she tried drowning her baby?
There was also a scene in the final season where she raids her daughter’s room for a go-bag that she has stashed there. The bag had money, passports and a gun in it. She took the money and passports and left the gun. In her child’s room.

The main character on Preacher was not an especially good guy although I don’t remember the specifics. I do recall him accidentally sending a character to hell once and there was of course that legendary time when the Preacher shot my dick off.”

Captain Owen Strand on Lone Star 9-1-1 should have been fired a long time ago. He keeps punching people and getting away with it.