Is Animusic Real, or Cyber-Illusion?

I caught a clip of a musical “wonder” on PBS. It was a Dr. Seuss-looking type of devices where balls were fired with such precision as to strike various musical bars, bells, and tubes to produce some very complicated music. In some cases, the bars (xylophone bars) were on a monorail system. It is obviously computer controlled to get the timing right, but…is it even real?

The TV spot I caught and the photos provided on the webiste sure look very real. It doesn’t have a “Pixar”-type look to it, for example, like “Toy Story” and the like. In any case, a friend of mine suggested the whole thing is totally cyber-generated. Check out: and please tell me what you know about this…

  • Jinx

This should answer your question.

It’s all computer animated. (of course, the fact that Animusic stands for “animated music” should tell you something.):slight_smile:

Yes, but it could also mean “animatronic”.

As for realism of computer graphics, Toy Story was just the first step. Nowadays, they can make pretty much anything non-living look perfect (and even some living things: Remember the Jurassic Park dinos?). The freeway scene in Matrix Reloaded? I’m not sure, but I’ll bet you the cars were 100% digital.

Seems rather obviously computer-generated to me. Saying it doesn’t have a “Pixar” look doesn’t really qualify, since Pixar deliberately goes for an unrealistic, “hyper-animated” look.