Is anyone checking out the new El Rey Network?

Grindhouse movies, Mexican wrestling, cheap-ass kung fu, From Dusk Till Dawn-The Series, and every type of exploitation film imaginable. Their motto is, and I quote: “It’s a white-knuckled suicide leap into a chum bucket filled with the sex, gore, and fist-pumping action that’ll have you screaming.” :smiley:
Lovin’ it.

From Dusk Til Dawn is on the DVR and I’m loving the X-Files marathons. Thumbs up from me so far.

One of their highlighted movies is Sonny Chiba’s The Street Fighter-my all time favorite down and dirty Fu Flick.

I think Tarantino has something to do with this. I haven’t seen anything on it yet that wasn’t one of his, something heavily influenced by his movies, or older movies that he’s already said were his favorites (re: Sonny Chiba).