Dusk Til Dawn TV series: what's the verdict?

I liked the first movie all right, and the others were decent. The series has popped up on Netflix for me and I’m mildly curious: excellent, any good or garbage?

Huh, I’m a fan of the movies and I never heard of it.
Ah, it’s on El Rey. That would explain it.
Thanks for the heads up, I’ll have to check it out now.

I will give it a chance. Although Robert Rodriguez’s work is pretty much the definition of self indulgence I still like quite a bit of it. I can’t help but think that having a boss would cut down on some of his excesses.

I’ve only watched the 1st two episodes, but I like it so far. The characters are very well done. They are giving crazy brother a lot more depth than Tarantino’s character in the movie. There was a ton of tension in the 1st episode and I loved how they played with the timeline, showing it out of order from different characters’ perspectives. Very cool.

The one thing that really annoyed me was the vamp’s syringe-style teeth. Vampires do not drink through their teeth, what the hell is that? It is a silly thing that shouldn’t bug me as much as it does, but I just think it’s weird.

I’m enjoying it. We’re currently binge-watching it because our Netflix streaming account expires in a week: I think we’re on episode five now.

When I first heard of the concept, I couldn’t figure out how Rodriguez would stretch the movie into a series, but he’s done an admirable job.

Happy to see a Thread about this.
Also, happy to know it’s now on Netflix.

A good friend is on it and he was really excited about it . . . but, I’ve never watched it because I didn’t think I had any options. When it first started I checked to see if there was an El Rey website that would have the episodes. Don’t know if that ever happened but at the time that I went looking for it, it wasn’t an option.

My friend plays Freddie.
(He was also the SHIELD agent in The Avengers who tells Nick Fury that the navigation is out, only to get yelled at “Is the SUN coming up? Then put it on the right!”)

I watched the whole series on El Rey as it aired. It’s alright. It definitely feels like they took 2 hours and stretched it out as far as it could go. But it was entertaining enough and I actually think the second season (there is going to be a second season) could be interesting.

Yes, I quite liked how early on, they essentially made each major scene from the movie into its own episode, with some extra POV scenes added in.

That gets explained in more detail as the story unfolds. They’ve re-worked the backstory quite a bit, so it’s no longer just Standard Vampire Lore anymore. If the show has elements you like, I’d suggest sticking with it, to see if this annoyance is resolved to your satisfaction.