Does anybody else watch Vampire Diaries?

It is one of my guilty pleasures, I have to admit. there is a high level of stupidity and melodrama involved, but for some reason I like it. I think the characters are interesting, the acting is pretty good and they don’t muck it up with a Twilight level of teen-age angst and pained expressions. (admittedly, the teens are more like 20 year olds).

I do, but I am way behind on it this season. Last season was pretty good and they move stuff along pretty quickly. Iam Somerhalder is great as Damon.

I loved the books. They came out when I was in high school and was totally obsessed with everything LJ Smith wrote. They have already gone way past the books and the show was never that loyal to begin with (Elena’s brother was a baby sister in the books etc) but it still sucked me in.

I have not read the latest book, but have heard it is not good.

Dude, we have another “anyone else watching this show” thread for Vampire Diaries still on the front page of Cafe Society. Did we need another?

Vampire Diaries Ongoing and Really Recent Thread

Edited: I just realized that thread is originally older, but has been resurrected and has had recent discussion as of the last couple days. I didn’t realize its OP was “old”, though.

I hadn’t seen anything on Vampire Diaries in months and months and didn’t see the resurrected thread.

I’ve been watching, and actually enjoying it. I was loathe to watch yet another vampire series when it started, but it managed not to suck. And I kept expecting the show to run out of steam, what with it seeming like the entire cast was being killed off. But it still hasn’t. Other than a lack of any lbg characters, and the over dependence on Damon kicking the puppy, I’m still liking it.