Vampire Diaries

Anyone else watching this? I admit that I’m watching it to fill the pain and loss that was a result of the Buffy/Angel combo going away. Yes, it’s not as good as that televised heroin was, I could possibly call it a codeine substitute…

In any event, I’m a bit tired of the Stephan/Junkie story line even though it just began. Granted, I like Damon stepping up to be a quasi-good guy.


I stopped watching it a while back. It was good, but not good enough to make me remember to watch and/or download it. Mostly because it’s on at seven, and I don’t get off of work until six. I’ll probably pick up the DVD when it comes out this summer and plow through the season.

I was a huge fan of the book series in high school, and so sometimes watching parts of it is a little hard. But they got the tone of Damon right, at least some of it, and the actors are certainly very pretty.

It’s not as hip as Buffy/Angel or as edgy as True Blood, but I like it. I was worried it would be something horrible like Twilight, but no, it’s actually quite good. Fits right into the 2hr block with Supernatural.

Yes! Did you guys hear The Airborne Toxic Event’s “Happiness is Overrated” at the end of last week’s episode? OMG amazing! I love them - it’s so awesome to hear one of your favorite bands on your favorite show!!!

Love all the music on the CW shows!




I kind of watch it…though not closely enough, so I’m often confused. I’m tired of them having cute actors guest-star for a few episodes, like Ben and Mason, only to kill them off once you start to like them.

OK, I’ll ask.

Isn’t this just Gossip Girl or some kind of soap opera, just wearing the “vampire” clothing?

Or…is it a legitimately cool show like a Buffy or Supernatural?

I only ever see commercials for it when I watch Supernatural and I assumed it was for little 7th Grade girls.

What is it like?

Funny that I am responding to your since I started this thread a few years ago but having watched both Buffy and Gossip Girl I felt the need to offer up some information.

Vampire Diaries is almost kind of cool. I only started watching this season with my roommate (I make her watch Gossip Girl so its only fair) and I was pleasantly surprised by how dark it actually is. Having grown up watching Forever Knight, and later Buffy, I am used to vampire shows being dark. Don’t get me wrong, there is definitely plenty of soap opera nonsense in there but they don’t just dress it up with fangs. There are witches, werewolves and vampires aplenty which is also nice to see. Its not Buffy good but its solid enough and the storyline is addictive.

I started from the beginning, though now I’m behind and only caught up to last October’s episodes on the DVR.

One thing it definitely has in common with Buffy is that it’s not afraid to either kill off or physically torture popular characters.
On the other hand, the guy who adapted it for television is Kevin Williamson, creator of “Dawson’s creek”, and I can see that influence in the show too - down to the character archetypes. With Elena as the next Joey Potter caught between Dawson/Stephan and Pacey/Damon.

I wouldn’t say it’s very much like Gossip Girl, most of the characters are actually interesting on VD.