Is anyone else annoyed by the word "veggies"?

Seems like something you would use to try to make young children eat things they don’t really like.
They are vegetables. Let’s call them by the proper name.

A lot of things bother me. Calling vegetables “veggies” is not one of them.

And sound like an Austrian school teacher? I don’t think so:

OK, perhaps slightly irritated would be a better term It just seems so ‘cutesy’.

No less annoyed than I am at the British for calling them “veg.”

Veg seems to be a fairly neutral and handy contraction. It’s the “…ies” that gets to me, it’s just so condescending, somehow.

I don’t like a lot of cutesy words that end in the “e” sound. Cutesy is one of them, along with “veggie”.

My daughter subscribed to Seventeen magazine years ago. I thumbed through it and found phrases like, “Take a selfie with your bestie and post it to Insty!” I threw up.

“Veggies” is fine. But I once knew a girl from New Zealand who called sandwiches “sammies,” which was clearly unacceptable.

Touche (sic) about cutesy.

At some point I need to record my version in BBC English of “Yo, Homies, I’m hanging with my homies in the hood”.

My mind immediately went to that clip when I saw the topic. Glad I’m not the only one.

Sammies? No no! Sarnie is quite acceptable in British english, though. Pronounced sar-ny.


I mean, you do you and all, but if you’re looking for widespread support I fear you’re going to be disappointed.

Up here (British Columbia), appetizers are “appies,” and eggs Benedict is a “benny.”

It could be worse, is what I’m saying.

‘Veggies’ doesn’t bother me, but I find it really annoying when people who enjoy food describe themselves as ‘foodies’.

How is “veg” and “vegs” supposed to be pronounced, anyway? Hard G? Soft G?

In the U.K. -
Veg rhymes with hedge
Veggies rhymes with wedgies

Vegs doesn’t correspond to anything spoken, so far as I know.

If it’s not too big a mouthful for Brian Wilson to fit it into a song, there’s no reason to shorten it.

Yes. “Veg” doesn’t bother me, but “veggies” irritates me, probably because of two local radio spots some years ago that used them, both with pretty annoying voiceovers.

I’m assuming the ‘g’ is soft?
By the way, I hope nobody is taking this seriously; it’s just a bit of a joke after a rather stressful day :wink:

That’s one I really hate. I’m not sure why people think it’s cute to talk like a 4 year old.

Same goes for adults calling things ‘yummy’.