Is anyone else bored with their hair?

I haven’t touched my hair in over a year, except to trim off the dead ends, and I’m starting to get bored with it. I’ve thought about dying it, but I don’t know what color. I can’t do anything too crazy because I have a vague feeling it would be inappropriate (I teach community college). I suppose I could get it reddened a bit, since I have natural red highlights where the sun hits it. I’ve also thought about getting it permed. I finally get my first paycheck next week (long story) and I thought I’d celebrate by doing something for myself - get a new hairdo. So, Dopers, any advice? All my friends around here are guys and therefore supremely unhelpful when it comes to such suggestions. I am counting on your collective wisdom.

As you can see here, my hair is kinda boring at the moment. I’ve toyed with the idea of getting it cut somewhat drastically, but I’m a bit scared it’d turn out weird - plus I have somewhat coarse and kinky hair that has never looked good when chopped off. I suppose I could get it both permed and cut. Or just get thick and loose curls and not get it cut at all. Or I could shave it all off. It would save me a lot of time in the mornings.

Anyone else contemplated a hair change?

Wow! You’re gorgeous!!

I had the same problem, and I ended up getting bangs. The kind that are long (almost in your eyes) and thick are very popular right now and I think they’d look very flattering on you. It’s not a big change, and it isn’t expensive, but it can really change your “look”. Whaddya think?

My wife was bored with her hair, and bought a couple of wigs that look great on her.

I’m bored with mine, and too broke to get a decent haircut. I will be touching up the roots tomorrow though, so anything could happen…

SO bored with my hair. I haven’t cut it in months, and it’s just gotten so long that I tie it into a pony tail pretty much all the time, and that isn’t a good look for me. It makes me look really severe.

I almost stopped off and got it cut today, but I had too many small errands to do first and ran out of time. I’m supposed to drive up to Ottawa tomorrow, but I really am thinking of going for a hair cut first. I definitely need some sort of bangs. I had a fantastic hair cut last summer, but I don’t think I have any pics, and even if I did, I couldn’t go back to the same place because it’s 8 hours away.

It all depends on when I wake up tomorrow, I guess :slight_smile:

I’ve been threatening to get a hair cut for a long long time, and I may actually do it. It’s bra-strap-length (up from waist-length), all one length, and adamantly refuses to do anything but part down the center. I had long layers put in last year but they’ve all grown out. I might have my sister experiment on me when I go visit. I feel ripe for change.

hmm, you missed me by a few months, when I decided I should get dreads. Of course, my friends didn’t do so great a job at putting them in, and it was some seriously hot weather, so those bad boys got shaved right off about two weeks ago. I’ve got a buzzcut now ^^*

I’m a guy. I don’t see what’s wrong with it now. I like the highlights idea, though.
With that being said, I was contemplating going to a salon and telling them to do whatever they felt like doing with mine.

My hair and I have had a falling out. :slight_smile:

Always a risky venture, particularly if you’re not already familiar with said salon.

Thanks for the compliment, miss elizabeth. :slight_smile: I’ve been toying with the idea of bangs, but I’m just afraid I’ll find them always getting into my eyes and stuff.

Aioua, I wish I had the balls to shave my hair off. Especially in the summer. If there were a way to shave it all off for a few weeks and then instantly grow it back shoulder-length again I’d do it.

I don’t think I could do wigs. I can’t even wear hats for very long - anything on my head makes me fidgety.

mnemosyne, Queen Bruin, kittenblue, I think I’d feel better if I had fellow partners in crime. :smiley: I’ve been surfing the Web for some ideas. I’m leaning towards getting it a bit layered and then permed a bit. I really like the “flapper” style curls, but I’m afraid my face is too round to pull it off. Eh.

Ditto on the gorgeous comments. Yowza. You’d look fantastic with thick loose curls, imo, although you’d probably also looked great with the shaved look. That’s what I do, but of course I’m a guy and that’s slightly more acceptable.

I know. I’m living on the edge, baby.

I was bored and frustrated with mine, so I went and told them to cut it however they felt like, as long as it was at least a couple inches shorter and wouldn’t require a lot of prep time in the morning. I ended up with chin-length hair with long, angled bangs, and a ton of layers in the back. It’s light and bouncy and I love it!

My apologies to all those who replied in the thread I started awhile ago about how to put up my long hair… I just got frustrated and said the hell with it.

Yeah, this is important for me too. I can’t be bothered to fuss with my hair too much in the morning. Which is why I’m considering a perm - last time I had one, I just combed some hair wax through it, scrunched it up a few times, and was good to go. Plus on my really lazy days I could just tie it back.

I got bored with my hair recently so I dyed the underside bright purple with one of those “washes out in 10 washes” over the counter dyes. That was fun. I do have fun with my hair. I braid it, wear pigtails, ponytail, curly, straight. Hair is fun!

How are those? Do they stain towels and clothes? That sounds like something I could do between semesters.

I used an older dark colored towel and it was no problem. I just wore and old stained t-shirt when I was dying it. I love the purple. My son (9 yo/shoulder lenght hair) loves the red.

Here is what we use: Loreal Color Pulse. I use Chilled Plum and Kiddo uses Red Pulse.

I think you could pull that off very well - that’s a style I’ve always coveted. You should totally do it!

My hair does nothing, except clump in the brush and hang limp over my shoulders. I need a new look!

Haze, your hair is -gorgeous- and you are so pretty! I understand being bored, though; my recommendation is to go shoulder-length and maybe curly. I don’t really know what flapper-style is - the picture I have of my grandmother from the late 20s I think she might have that hair style where it was kinda short and wavy, almost like a helmet. Remember, up until then, women just didn’t cut their hair! And they’d just gotten the right to vote, so some flappers went a bit crazy and cut it short and curly. laughs In the early to mid 50s, the rage was all short bangs, which is how my Mom kept my hair - short w/the short bangs. Gah, I hate bangs!!!

Good luck deciding what to do. Maybe consider donating to Locks of Love , which collects hair for children with cancer and other illnesses who’ve lost their own hair due to chemo or other treatments or alopecia (they make wigs with the hair).