Bangs or no bangs? Help me select a hairstyle.

So here’s the deal. I’ve sort of been feeling crap about myself lately, and I think an attractive hairstyle would make me feel better. What I can’t decide is whether to get bangs, or let my ‘wings’ grow out and have hair all one length. Or possibly something else if I get a new idea.

Keep in mind:

  1. I have fine, straight, thin hair. It’s shoulder-blade length currently.
  2. I HAVE to be able to put it up out of the way of my eyes.
  3. I’m working in Americorps and will be for several more months. I do not have time/resources to do my hair every day. It needs to be wash, brush, and go.

Here’s a recent photo of me. Should I get bangs? Let it grow out? Go crazy and crop it to my head? U DECIDE.

You’re very pretty, and I think your hair looks great like it is, but then I’ve never been much of a style person. I vote no bangs. I think they’re more trouble than they’re worth, personally, and your face doesn’t “need” them.

Concur on both points.

I am not a hairstylist (or any kind of style person, other than what appeals to the photographer side of me), but in my experience bangs tend to make the face look more square and blockish (or in the case of someone with a narrow, tapered face, emphasized the triangular shape). They also tend to make one look younger. Frankly, I don’t think the former would be flattering on you, and you clearly don’t need the latter. In fact, I think the “wings” that you have look good, and cutting all your hair to about that length into a sort of long bob would be even better.

As an aside, and addressed to the general audience, what is it with women using hair as a means to express emotion or desire for change? Every time a woman I know makes some significant change to hair style or color I wait for the boom to drop, because something significant is in the offing. As a guy, I don’t think about my hair other than to comb it into something resembling a part and get it cropped when it starts to get too long to dry with a couple shakes of the towel. Mind you, I love that women will go to great lengths to make their hair look nice and all, but I’m frighteningly ignorant about the hidden meanings intertwined in layers of hair.


  1. I think you look pretty good. If I weren’t married I would totally be all over dat ass, even if I weren’t as drunk as I am right now.

  2. Here’s what to do:

  3. Stop doing that Americorps BS and add some value to society. You will know how much value you’ve added value by the value you receive in return.

  4. Take some of that value you receive in return to a competent and professional hair stylist. He is a professional that knows how to make people look good through the proper hair style for each person’s face etc. Talk to him and get his opinion, then let him chop and style to his heart’s content. This should cost at least $200.

  5. Get on down, get on down the road with your bad self.

Well, it’s clear that drinking interferes with your counting ability; the question is whether you are as much of an asshat sober as when you are drunk.


Bangs. Always go with bangs. I love bangs on my fiancee.

I have bangs. I am very particular that they don’t get cut too short. I am, in fact, adamant. So they always get cut the perfect length.

One week later, they’re a little too long.

Two weeks later, they need trimming.

If I trim them myself–well, sometimes that works. Other times it necessitates either an instant trip to a hairdresser or 45 minutes in front of the mirror with a curling iron and hair products to work with the mess.

What I’m saying is, good bangs are a lot of maintenance. You look great without them.

Bangs are way more trouble than they’re worth – the style you have is becoming, stick with it. If you’re bored with your hair, grow it a little longer and learn to do french braiding, etc.

(And yes, you’re very pretty – and, BTW, whoever took that picture is a very good photographer, tell him or her I said so.)

Now that you are sober, I’m sure that you’d like to revise some of your comments, right?

Don’t be rude.

I think you look great as-is. Your current hairstyle and glasses really suit your face. You’re someone I’d definitely like to get to know (er, but I’m a girl so you know…“know” in a friendly way).

One might consider it rude to interject political comments in a thread about hair styles.

You look fine now, the current style suits you. Maybe some volumizing mousse could help if you think your hair is too limp. Bangs do nothing for 99% of people.

Or at least renumber them.


I thought I was being polite in offering you a chance to apologize, but so be it.

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Keep your off-topic political snipes out of non-political threads.[/Moderator Admonition]

I actually like the hairstyle you have now. Of course, if you’re not happy with it, it’s a sign that it’s time for a change. Maybe try to learn a few new things you can do with it, instead of a drastic cut? Different ways of pinning back the “wings”, different variations on ponytails? There are a few how-to sites out there with videos to help you learn.

The bangs would look nice on you, but the hair you have now is flattering and I don’t think you need the bother of bangs. Especially if you need hair out of your face. Bangs seem to only be the exact right length for two weeks or so, then they’re in the way and you need to either trim them constantly or pin them back. I love the idea of bangs, for myself, but every time I do it, I regret it within a month or two.

Is there a program or website that would allow one to “try on” different hair styles?

Yeah, like the guys on Wall Street and their bonuses.

Your hair looks great as it is, but I suppose you might want to get bangs if you move to Korea.

Drop the politics, now.