Bored with my hair, want to change it again. Halp!

I believe last September I was deeply interested in sideswept bangs. It’s only been five or six months, but I’m already bored and looking for something new bangs-wise. Basically now I want official heavy looking bangy-bangs.

So what’s the deal on long versus short bangs? I Taaz-ed myself and I feel like the shorter bangs look better, but I’ve heard a lot of people say things like short bangs belong on toddlers. I definitely don’t want to back myself into a cut for the rompers set, so could you let me know what the trends are with regard to length? I need to go get my hair coloured in two or three weeks-I’m going to get my hair recut then.

For the record, this is the current state my bangs are in. They’re sideswept, though they’ve grown out a bit in this photograph.

Here are the three bang options I’ve Taazed myself into

Option 1/Jenny Lewis Bangs: Option 1

Option 2/Zooey Deschanel Bangs: Option 2

Option 3/Michelle Monaghan Bangs: Option 3

Option 1 shorter: Jenny Lewis bangs shortened

Option 3 shorter: Michelle Monaghan bangs shortened

And no doubt some of you think I look ridiculous in all three bang options. Tough, hair grows back! I’ll be back to horrify you with a new stupid look in 6 months :slight_smile:

(but if any of them make me look like bowl-cutty…please please please let me know! I mean, I know my stylist would never let it go through, she’s bossy, but I’d rather not present her with a bowlcutty option at all)

I think if you’re gonna go with bangy-bangs, option 1 is the way to go. The others look like “Wellllll, I want bangs but can’t fully commit to the bangy-bangness, so here’s some wispy little excuses for bangs…”

It’s so funny, as a kid I always always had bangs, and once I was old enough to pick my own hairstyle, I couldn’t wait to grow them out. It felt like it took years and years and years, so I’ve always been afraid to go for bangs again. I have something of an eighthead, but I just can’t bring myself to do it!

And if I may say so, you are simply lovely and your current hair is amazing.

Funny, our childhood experiences were the complete opposite. My mom refused to let me get bangs because she didn’t like the look and felt they were too high maintenance for her to deal with it. Bangs are like my 30 somesome rebellion, I just don’t want to look like I’m out of the Name of the Rose minus the tonsure. More sexy, less medieval Franciscan monk/Dorothy Hamill…that’s the goal.

I basically had a bowl cut until I was 12 or so because my mom was not the most adept at hair-doing! But you’re right, it grows back. I should go for it sometime.

Do you know about Taaz? It’s pretty awesome. I didn’t even know it existed until recently but it’s a bit like angry birds, you get all crazy and addicted and all of a sudden you’re Taazing yourself into Shisheido lipsticks and stupid sunglasses to see what you’d look like. Witness.

Plus, it’s hilarious to see how they found the ugliest pictures of the most gorgeous women in the world :rolleyes: They found pictures that made Helena Christensen look fugly. What the hell???

I like bangs that brush the brows but don’t cover them completely. Too far above the brows looks funny to me. Longer just looks like they need a trim, but better to go longer first, you can always trim more, instead of having to wait weeks to grow them back!

Personally, I think short bangs look universally terrible. I literally don’t like them on anyone- something about them just seems bad. . .like you fucked up your bangs by cutting too much off on accident and are trying to make due until they grow out to a normal length.

I’m all for option 3- plus, since your hair is curly, that gives you a little length to play with if they aren’t straightened.

Not to be too un-PC, but like I live in a mental hospital and Nurse Ratchett is trimming them for me, right? I am definitely not cool enough to be one of those punk-ish women, so I guess I’m trying to straddle not looking like a lhasa apso vs looking like I take afternoon naps as a matter of routine. Right above the brows is a good tip. Thanks.

Diosa…I love your style commentary. It’s always cracked me up over the years. I was hoping you’d weigh in :slight_smile:

I think short bangs look good on those chicks who have the whole Bettie Page thing going on and are very very routinely stylish, but I’m not committed to anything other than a sort of lame Blandana Republican look on any given day. So I probably don’t have the attitudinal commitment to pull them off.

Here’s what gave me the idea, and yes, I did just link to a Kardashian. I think she’s gorgeous.

Your hair looks fabulous as it is. If you go with bangs, I like the shorter bangs on you, the ones that don’t cover up your eyebrows. Looks more smart & classy than the long ones.

I like option 3 the most, followed by option 1.

Cannot stand short bangs…brings back bad, bad memories of fourth grade and my mom cutting them too short so she wouldn’t have to trim them so often. I was already an outcast geek…that just sealed my fate. I like option #3 the best.

Option #1 was fabulous, but I can’t imagine you looking bad no matter which style you choose.

Best website ever! I spent way too long futzing with it. Thanks!

I don’t know why I enjoyed this so much… Anyways, I think you looked best with option 3 :slight_smile:

Have you ever had shorter bangs before?

I have similar hair to yours, and thick short bangs were the worst thing I ever did to myself. Because of my extreme curl, even the expensive flat irons couldn’t get those babies to lay flat. They went straight up and out. I had to pin them down for months.

But if you’ve got the straightening skills, I say go for it - I also like option 3 the best.

I choose option 3. Please err on the side of having them too long, rather than too short. I had mine cut this past weekend. The lady took off too much and right about now I’m feeling like short bangs are the worst! thing! in the world! :mad:

I’ve never had short bangs or any bangs at all until recently. Right now they’re side-swept bangs. If I comb them in front of my face they’re just really really long.

Looks like Option 3 is the clear front-runner. I still really really like Option 1 but Option 3 is almost exactly like what Kim Kardashian has in that photograph and what initially interested me in bangy bangs to begin with it. I’m going to be waiting an extra couple of weeks to go through with this though-I finally got my callbacks for jobs and I’m going to go ahead and cautiously not get a haircut that I may hate right before I go in for interviews. Especially since one of the companies was my top choice and I am incredibly lucky to get the 2nd round considering the competition for mba internships at the moment.

TimeStranger, my hair is really strange. True flat ironing/straighteneing is a PITA because I have to section by section it over an hour, but I can comb the curl out into hair that’s half straight/half wavy very easily. It’s not like typical curly Indian hair. We’ve long suspected that my mom’s side of the family has some sort of non-Indian blood…my grandfather looked obviously European and 9 out of 10 people mistake my mother for being Southern European, or sometimes Persian. They’re very surprised to find out she’s Indian.

Holy smokes you’re hot. Wow.

PS: I like the hair as is.

Wow, that’s very nice of you to say, BBJ. I actually haven’t felt attractive in a long time-my ex always made me feel like a total goblin. I remember him saying something along the lines of our intellectual connection making up for the fact that I wasn’t typically attractive or something. :rolleyes:

Oh well, I have rolled on from attempting to live a normal life of settling down to do whatever I want when I feel like it and randomly change my hair. I’m happier, anyway.

Another vote (from a male perspective) for non-short 3, based on the pics. But yours won’t be as straight as that.

Ex was a jerk!