Pick my new hairstyle

I will be getting my hair cut later this week. I have thick straight fine hair(it doesn’t look it in this picture but that’s because I had just woken up and hadn’t brushed it yet). I generally keep it past my shoulders and either all one length or long layers. I haven’t had bangs in years (like over 20). About 2 years ago I had it cut above my shoulders in a wedge with long layers so I am fully capable of change.

So, it’s time for a change again. I’m looking to possibly thin it out, add a lot more variation on the layers, and I’m definitely ready to try bangs again.

I chose 5 styles and my stylist picked 4 of them (she’s been a friend for about 25 years and knows me very well).
So, the poll has the 4 options. I WILL get whichever cut has the most votes.

Since someone will probably ask, the reason I came to you guys to make the decision is:

  1. My fiance doesn’t care what I do. It’s my hair and he knows that I wont freak out if I don’t love it.
  2. I don’t care. It’s just hair and it will grow back quickly.
  3. I’m curious what the Dopers think would look good on me.

So the poll didn’t like my links. Here are the picture:

Short, longer layers, shorter bangs

Short, straight, longer layers, longer bangs

A little longer, longer layers, longer bangs

Cameron Diaz

I voted for the first and Cameron Diaz. C.D. is probably “nicer” but more work to maintain and in need of more frequent touch ups at the hair dresser’s. So I personally would go with the first.
I would suggest though, that you consider shorter bangs as I find them more flattering for framing the face and less likely to get in the way of your glasses.

I picked the second one before looking at the pics, but having seen them, I’d say the first. So take a vote off option 2 and add it option 1.

I voted for the first choice. Don’t forget to post an after photo!

Even shorter. You can do anything with that hair.

True but shorter shows off my three chins. :smiley:

They’re cute chins. But a hair length between your mouth and your collar bones does draw the eye to them.

You could wear your hair like Jamie Lee Curtis. Or even David Lee Roth. You really can’t screw up hair like that. But you might want a little extra volume at the temples to taper the lines to your chin.

You could even do a Gibson Girl.

I had my hair really short once, like Jamie Lee Curtis. It was a very bad experience (over a year of being made fun of and harassed) brought on by a very bad experience (massive lice infestation that WOULD NOT GO AWAY!!!). Even after 23 years, I don’t think I’m ready to go that short again.
So, which incarnation of David Lee Roth are we talking about? :smiley:
Isn’t a Gibson Girl a long hair up-do?

I voted #1, but I would maybe avoid the sideswept thing because your glasses are a bit wide and they may get in each other’s way. They do with mine, anyway, so keep a brow-length set of bangs.

I get a shoulder length shag, the choppier the better. It’s always “doing” something that ends up looking good with little effort. I often just blow dry with no brush, mostly to get the front and bangs dry, then spray it however it lands. That first cut seems it would do that, too.

A Gibson is a very soft and loose updo. Flattering to any face shape, and impossible to maintain. It’s probably like beating egg whites - nearly impossible but totally worth it when you get it right.

David Lee Roth was just tossed in an example of Horrible Hair. I imagine I was thinking of that old video “Just a Gigolo”. Very funny. Very bad hair.

You have a fairly rectangular face, and I think it needs a bit of hair around it to soften it - something like this. I think that is closest to the first one, and that is how I voted. :slight_smile:

They all look the same to me. I am no use at all.

#1. I love the color of your hair.

j666 - Yep, that’s my hair. Back in the 80’s and early 90’s when big hair was all the rage, one of my foster sisters (she was in trade school for hair styling) spent over an hour, an entire can of Aquanet, and a whole lot of teasing and my hair was still flat. I got a perm once and followed all the post-perm rules. First time I washed my hair, perm was gone. My hair really wants to be straight and flat.
GuanoLad - That’s exactly what my fiance said.

Becky2844 - Thanks! I do too. My hair color and my brain are the only good things I inherited from my family. I got the horrible teeth, bad eyes, bad joints, impossible weight, and depression but at least I have nice hair and the ability to retain information long enough to pass a test (oh, and big boobs).

SeaDragonTattoo That pair of glasses is the widest. All my glasses are rectangular but the two I wear the most are narrower than those. Thank god for Zenni. It took me until the 4th and 5th pairs to get everything right.

Cameron Diaz, because I think some side-bangs would be very flattering for you.

I actually think that’s about the perfect hairstyle for you, just maybe a little shorter.

Oh, yeah. I know. Imagine if it were thin, too.

I think the first.

I am so glad it’s not thin. One of my sisters has thin, fine, curly hair. I’d take her curls but definitely not the thinness.