Help me with my hair (need help pretty fast ;) )

Considering the good help the previous asker of this question got, I’ve decided to give it a try myself.

I’ve got an appointment for a hair-cut tomorrow and I don’t know if I should just trim it a bit or cut it (way?) shorter.

Me now

With really short hair

So ya’ll, what should I tell the hairdresser: trim it a little, a lot, or something in between?

It looks like the shorter the better. Because of the shape of your face, a hair “frame” like bangs or longer sides accents the roundness.

The really short look is much more contemporary than the first pic. I would recommend that.

The “long” pic is a way better angle with way better lighting and just a much nicer photograph. I’m pretty sure that if I saw “short” under similar conditions I’d tell you to go with that.

Yeah, the “long” pic is a professional one, taken for a magazine and the “short” one is a party pic.

So at the moment we have 3 to nuttin’ for short.

Ehhh… I like the longer hair. But I know nothing of such things.

I’ll put in a vote for the longer look. You have a really nice hair color, and to my eye the bluntish style breaks up the roundness more than the buzzcut does.

I like the shorter look a lot better. Makes you look very stylish.

I like both, so put me down for somewhere inbetween. Helps alot, huh? :wink:

Still leaning towards short, but this thread is sure making me feel better about myself :smiley:

I like the short better.

Neither one looks bad, but my preference (if you were a guy I was dating or something) would be for the longer hair.
I think the only guys who should do buzzcuts are those who have started balding enough that letting the hair grow out would look bad. Guys who do have hair might as well let it grow and enjoy it while they can in my view. :slight_smile:

Actually I like both of the pictures but I have to go with the short cut. Plus you don’t have to mess with it in the morning.

I like the first pic. I’m a woman who is your age and thinks you are drop-dead gorgeous (moreso in the first pic than the second)…so I hope my vote has some weight :slight_smile:

Okay, I’m delving into stereotypes here…

Who are you, and how do you want to be perceived? You have a very expressive face that says different things with different hair.

The long hair on you makes you look sensitive and “deep”

The shorter hair makes you look more hands-on and fun-loving.

Both make you look attractive…

I like the longer hair. I cheated a bit though, and looked through the full album in the second link. The first picture in that album (blue sport coat in front of a white tent), is the best hair style of all. Far superior to the short look. I drooled a bit…

I like the long hair better – makes you look less thuggish (i.e., both smarter and nicer).

I like them both, but leaning toward the longer. As mentioned before, you have really nice hair so why not show it off?

ok, these answers sure don’t make it a whole lot easier… except that the “long” style supports give better compliments :slight_smile:

So maybe just a trim then… I guess my fun loving, hands on, bad boy* days are over :frowning:

But as I said before, this thread is a really good self esteem booster :smiley: Thank you all for your input!
*a friend of a friend saw another picture of me with really short hair (while wearing a grey turtleneck and a leather coat) and he was convinced I was a russian mobster :slight_smile:

You can always cut it again afterward if you want to go back to the Russian Mobster look. And they’re all right up there above; you’re going to be a cutie either way.
dactylic hexameter**, you don’t go for the look in Album Pic #3? :confused::smiley: