Do I go back to bangs or not?

Here is me a few years back with bangs (and darker hair–ignore the color)

And here is what I look like when I wake up in the morning. Not a totally fair comparison, but really, my hair doesn’t look all that much better during the day.

Or you can see me in the hospital which isn’t all that great a shot, either, but those are the only two recent photos I have of myself right now.

So I don’t like the shapeless thing that my hair is right now. I like it better with bangs. Plus it stays out of my eyes. However, I suck at bang maintenance. They always get too long and then they’re actually IN my eyes.

So do I go back to bangs or keep it long?

I can’t load any of your images. As for bang maintenance, every good hairdresser I’ve ever had offers free drop-in bang trims as often as needed between cuts.

I agree that you should do bangs…I did like your hospital picture though. As long as you have a shape that fits your face and frame, it will work out for you. I trim my bangs between sessions. Problem is I can’t always get them how they originally were. I’m definitely regretting the short hair as I don’t want to keep it up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Straight male here. No bangs. Work with what you got. Whatever you do, don’t cut your hair short!

Oh I’m keeping it long! Just considering bangs in the front.

I like bangs, but you really look nice either way. I want to know how you look so nice in the hospital. When I’m in the hospital I look like I’m waiting for the undertaker to come collect me.

I like bangs. My hair stylist also does free bang trims between cuts, but it’s a little out of my way to get to her. So I do my own in-between trims, and bought a pair of thinning shears to do it with. Turned out to be a good investment, as it was the thinning part I hadn’t been able to duplicate before.

It’s a tough call with you, Opal. You look cute either way, and bangs are definitely a little more maintenance while somehow easier sometimes because they get the hair out of your face.

Normally I’m a bang fan but you look good without them (and with your hair parted over on the side like in the just woke up photo). You look good with them too, so it’s a win-win situation!

The trick is to bring your own nightgown. Don’t wear theirs.

I think you look better without them, and I think the just-woke-up picture is the best of the three you posted. Have you considered moving from a center-part to a side-part? You could try side-bangs with that, but I wouldn’t. Your forehead is small, so I don’t think you need them.

Leave the bangs, take the cannoli.

Can’t you have bangs but choose to comb them back when you don’t feel like having bangs? (I prefer not-bangs, but it’s nice to vary the routine occasionally, and you look good either way.)

I think you look slightly better without the bangs but agree that you look fine either way. Just go with whichever style you’d prefer if looks weren’t a consideration.

I agree.

No bangs, Opal! No bangs!

After a second look, I think I do prefer the style in the second photo where your hair is parted on one side and swept over the other.

S Male–skip the bangs.
You look good.

Another vote here for no bangs.

Nope, they won’t stay back. I’ve tried it.

I try to keep my hair off-center but I don’t really “part my hair” as I am always putting my hands through it to get it out of my eyes, and it sort of lands on whichever side it lands on. I agree with you that it looks better when it’s on the side, I just don’t know how to keep it there.

I vote for bangs.

No bangs. Then again, I have an irrational hatred of bangs, so perhaps I’m not the best person to ask.