Is anyone else having a "duh?!?" day? AKA the "ditz" thread

I don’t know what it is, but my brain absolutely refuses to work today! Maybe it’s a certain time of the month, but I refuse to blame it absolutely on that occurence. Or maybe I’m just experiencing a ditz day? (believe me, I’ve had more han my share of them lately)

In the course of the day, I’ve managed to:

[li]send an email to someone on my ICQ list, but miss the first letter of the ISP part of his meial address (therefore resulting in a “mailer-daemon” email… and I just love those! :rolleyes: )[/li][li]send an email to a friend on my ICQ list, but missing the @ symbol and everything afterwards! (these error pages sure come in handy so you know what you’ve forgotten to do)[/li][li]put some loofah shower gel on my hair in the shower (note to self: it’s not supposed to go on your hair, it’s supposed to go on your body!)[/li][li]make someone think that I was throwing a pity party for myself and generalizing that men don’t care about how women feel (not my intent, but I am not sure he realizes it; it’s the hormones, I tell ya! :wink: :eek: )[/li][/ul]

These may not be earth-shattering (in fact, I know that they are not). but share your ditzy stories in this thread if you have any!

In case you don’t know it, typos sometimes count as “duh?!?” moments, such as the one in my post above. Of course, what I meant to say was “miss the first letter of the ISP part of his email address”. You’d think I could type better than that! I even previewed! :rolleyes:

Oh my God.

One of the many ditzy things I did today…
I’m going home. Trotted down the escalator at Peachtree Center, head to the gate, MARTA card in hand. Head through the gate, I think…WHOMP. Gate doesn’t move. I look down, realize it must not be working, change to the next gate. WHOMP again. Finally, after the third gate doesn’t work, I realize that I haven’t slid my card through so the gate is not going to let me through.
Duh. And the MARTA guy had stood there looking at me do this and said nothing. :rolleyes: