Is anyone happy with their job?

After reading of Mjollnir’s unhappy situation at work, I would like to know if anyone out there has actually found happiness in the workplace. I’ve had many, many jobs in various vocations in different countries, but the sad similarities have remained. I’m basically talking about backstabbing, gossipy co-workers; cold, indifferent, out-of-touch managers; work that goes unappreciated; a demand that work come before all else in life; a general hateful and bitter environment.

I know that’s a pretty bleak view, but I’ve seen it too many times to dismiss it as just a run of bad luck.

So I’d like to hear any positive work stories. Maybe it will cheer me up. Oh, and send me an e-mail if there are any openings there.

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I LOVE MY JOB!!! I work in a junior high school. The best part of my job is that i’m surrounded by kids all day long. Altho we do have days when I cant wait for that final bell to ring (like the night of a full moon, or the day after Halloween)I get so much satisfaction out of being here every day. There is nothing quite like receiving a hug, helping a child who is down in the dumps to realize that things will get better, and then seeing them smile, or just listening to the silliness of their love lives. I dont think I could ever go back to a regular office setting. This is just tooooo much fun!! Maybe i’m reliving my teens vicariously through them.

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Maybe I don’t count because I only work part-time, but I’m a computer instructor for businesspeople, and I love my job. I get a lot of satisfaction from it, I love showing people how to get their computer to work for them. I love instilling confidence in my students, and I love reading my reviews when the class is over.

I have to have the easiest job in the world. I sit all day at a college in a computer lab. Sit, sit and surf the internet. Sometimes people ask me questions and sometimes I get into trouble, but other than that it’s ok.
I don’t get paid enough to like it though.

beer! i need sum beer!!

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Generally, yes I do. I’m learning new stuff everyday. Not quite OJT, but just learning how to do new and creative things on computers and the Internet.

The only job I had loathing for at any time was my fast-food burger job in HS/college. My first raise (after 15 months) was from $3.35 (minimum wage in 1983) to $3.40. <sarcasm>Wowie!</sarcasm> And my first week after that, I was scheduled for a whole two hours of work! (Had to keep costs down since I was a premium employee now.)

I quit 2 weeks later. New job: $3.80/hr.

Happy over here… (But looking… shhhh)…

Yer pal,

I guess I am what I pretend to be. Really, though, I’ve been self-employed for ten years and rarely make the standard compensation that geophysicists who are full time employees receive, but I don’t get laid off every 18 months or so. I’m usually bouncing between four to eight active clients so I’m not going to lose all my work at one time and, while there are political considerations to which my clients are subject, and I must take into consideration, if a situation is a real bummer, I can make it go away.

I took 4 phone calls while typing this (I rarely visit this place during the working day), so I suspect it might be a little disjointed - hope it helps.

I like my job! It’s sorta funny… after many years in many different small start up technology companies, I ended up through a strange set of circumstances at a BIG company. I’m a software engineer, and always thought small companies were where it’s at. Nope. My job now is free of all the stuff that bugged the crap out of me at the small companies. Everyone is paid pretty well, so nobody’s running around pissed about money. On the whole, people are treated OK since none of us here are owners or major stockholders. In my experience, it’s the people who have a huge investment in the company who tend to make people’s life miserable - ie, its the small business owner who’s ego, financial success, and pride are tied into getting the product out who’s the guy who is flogging his employees to work 12 hour days and weekends. None of that here.

We all have great benefits, stock options worth six figures after a few years, and I rarely work overtime or weekends. The only bad part is that it’s not the most exciting work on the planet, but I can live with that. And btw, we’re hiring.

Whose ego. Not who’s. I hate when I do that.

It turns out for me that happiness on the job has more to do with me than it does with the job. Every job has a certain amount of drudgery, every office has a certain amount of idiotic bureaucracy, every manager has good points and bad. Sometimes I let the dark side get to me and I’m unhappy at work. Other times I let the bad stuff slide and I focus on the creative aspects of my work and I’m happy.

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Well, I complain a lot about my job, but really, I can’t think of anything else I would rather be doing. The only thing that worries me is how this job will affect me long term. Vet tech pay isn’t so hot. If I got married and had another source of income it wouldn’t worry me, but I can’t make a good living on my own.

I love my job, but I also work with kids.
I am a preschool teacher and there is something about getting hugs and unconditional love all day that makes it fun.
There are bad days but never bad kids. It is just some chidren are more of a challenge.

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Ten happy people so far. There may be hope after all. And Athena, despite what my profile says, I’m working for a small company now and you are right. I think I’d like the people in charge a lot more if I didn’t see them so often. Faceless Megacorp here I come!

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I love my job! I’m in a regional office of the General Counsel for a national property and casualty insurance company. There are five attorneys in my office, and we all get along very well. I get a chance to travel occasionally (not too much, not too little), I get involved in a lot of interesting things, and I’m dealing with lots bigger cases than I did in a private law firm. As an example, for the last three days I’ve been involved in trying to settle a case where the insured’s potential exposure has been estimated in excess of $40 million, and where my company issued perhaps as much as $100 million in insurance coverage over a fifteen year span. There are over 40 million documents that have been produced in this case. It’s fun! I also have had the opportunity to argue many cases in front of appellate courts, and have lots of published cases in California and New York.

It’s also fifteen minutes from where I live, in a nice area with lots of shops and restaurants, good money, good benefits, and my managing attorney is very cooperative when school calls to tell me I have to come pick up a sick kid (as happened on Wednesday). Fortunately, unless I have to be in court or at a deposition or some such thing, my job can be done from home with a phone and a 'puter.

I also get the chance to volunteer to do legally related things, like sit as a temporary judge in small claims court, and to mediate cases between other parties in the Court of Appeal. My employer counts these as “work days” because it has a strong belief in giving something back to the legal community.

This is the fifth job I’ve had as a lawyer in almost 16 years (10 years at the first one, 4 months at the second, 11 months at the third, 2 years at the fourth), and I think it’s the one I’m gonna stay at until I retire. Which I’d like to do at 45, but that’s probably not going to happen! >g<


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No, I don’t like my job. Not at all. Upper management is a joke. They’re completely out of touch with what actually goes on in the day to day operations of our firm. I’m currently in a middle management position, and have the misfortune of supervising a group of 18 whiners, bitchers and slackers. I get no credit from above, and no co-operation from below. All this, and corporate attorneys down my back, too (sorry, Melin, I’m not ripping on all corporate attorneys). No, I don’t like my job. But, the money is fantastic, and getting better. So, I guess I’ve sold my soul for while in exchange for the dollars. Oh, well, it keeps my wife and kids happy, so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much.

And did I mention my hour and forty-five minute commute? Each way? Oh, nevermind.

Oh, shit! I think I’m suing Melin
Just kidding. Gotcha!

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After 15 years of jumping from one job to another I can finally say that I Love My Job. Come Jan 5 I’ll have been here 2 years - a record for me.

I work as a Quality Control Analyst for one of the biggest software companies in Canada. In other words, I’m a software tester using ad hoc and automated testing (writing automated tests).

We’re always hiring too.

I work for my municipal government, and yes, believe it or not, I do like my job. It’s a challenge. I learn new things every day. The people I work with are mostly smart, funny, pleasant people, and I enjoy being around them.

Yes, there are some slackers, and there is always bureaucratic BS going on, but the job itself is a good one.

I enjoy my parenting job even more, though. :slight_smile:

I started work as a programmer (good money, but not a very sociable job), left to be General Secretary of the British Chess Federation (resigned after 3 months because of backstabbing liars), then got headhunted to teach chess + computing in a private school. After 10 pleasant years I asked the Head for help because I was getting overloaded. He called me in and told me to go away and write my own job description.

So I did!

Now I have the perfect job (I do work long hours, but I love it).

I just had deja vu, and I’m sure it’s happened before…