Is anyone participating in the pick a new word to include in the official Scrabble dictionary?

If I could think of a perfectly cromulent word I wouuld.

I’m rooting for EW as the most useful.

Oh, I think JQXZ is a wonderful word, don’t you? It means “to cheat at Scrabble”.

All together now:
KWYJIBO (kwij’-ee-boh)

  1. A big, dumb, balding North American ape with no chin and a short temper.
  2. A nonexistent word used in a board game (e.g. Scrabble).

Is there a vote to remove a word? Whose bright idea was it to think “zas” is a plural of “za”? (There’s a difference between “pizza” and “a pizza”; I have never heard “za” to mean the latter. “Let’s get some za,” I have heard, but never, “Let’s get a za” (or “a couple of zas”).

I’ve always been quite fond of zzxjoanw but I’m not sure there are enough Zs…