Is asking a very specific question about VBA programming considered a "factual question"?

I am wondering about whether asking a very specific question about VBA programming is considered a factual question. I am asking for a fact, right? Or should I be asking factual trivia like those on Jeopardy?

Serious answer:
Yes. Questions that can be disproved or proved by facts alone go in GQ. If you want opinions, try IMHO. I’d say there’s somewhere you’d have to go to get jokes, but we’re all smartasses everywhere.

Non-serious answer:

[li]If it has two lines under the answer, it’s a GQ.[/li][li]If it has a ~/? after the answer, it’s a GD.[/li][li] If the answer is a matter of consensus, it’s an IMHO.[/li][li] If the answer truly doesn’t matter, it’s a MPSIMS.[/li][li] If we all agree to eat, watch, read or poke the answer, it’s a Café Society.[/li][li] If the answer can only be resolved by throwing/hitting/shooting something really hard, it’s a Game Room.[/li][li] If Cecil has already considered the question, the answer is infirmly laid to rest in Comments.[/li][li] If the answer can be nailed to a wall in Chicago, it’s a Barn Door.[/li][li] If the answer can be marketed and sold by our esteemed Members, it’s a Marketplace.[/li][li] If the answer is to do anatomically improbable things to your esteemed self, it’s a BBQ Pit.[/li][/ul]