IMHO vs Great Debates

SO if I have a question that doesn’t have a factual answer and I believe that many people will respond, how do I choose wether to post it in IMHO or Great Debates? They seem pretty similar to me…

The general rule of thumb I would use is:

If you would like people’s opinions without necessarily debating with them the substance of such an opinion, then IMHO.
eg. Am I a god?

If you would like people’s opinions and you would like to debate their position with them, then GD.
eg. Is there a god?

Of course, that’s IMHO :smiley:

Why is this in the pit? Were you expecting to get flamed for the question?

I think this goes in GQ. Or did you know that and just wanted to cover all the forums? :wink:

I thought GQ was for questions with factual answers. I don’t think that the answer is a fact…but that’s debatable. Shoot! Then it would go in GD huh? I’m never going to understand where to post my questions!!!

Right. You have a question as to where your questions go. There is a factual answer for that. The question you asked in the pit should be asked in GQ.

Or…why not try ATMB?


That one, too. I keep forgetting about that one.

Guidelines about where to put those questions about where to put the questions: :smiley:

“what forum do I put this in?”- ATMB

"why is this the forum that this thread goes in? or “why did you move my thread”- Pit

Mikahw: only the latter belongs in the Pit, and even then it depends on the intent.

Non-violent questions on how the MB works and what the rules are go in ATMB. I’ll send it there, even though the question in the OP itself was sufficiently answered by Caught@Work, who is not a god as far as I know. :wink:

Ahem, Coldfire, ahem.


pats stv on the head and tosses him a cookie

In the FAQ - guidelines for posting there is a few tips on when a question belongs in ATMB, and when it belongs in The BBQ Pit. The question in the OP could have gone in ATMB.