Is being born ginger a gift or a curse?

People with ginger hair generally either grow up [trying] to be comedians, or are violent. Fact (or so it would seem). ‘Picking’ on ginger people is treated with much flipancy, but is this not a form of racism? Does the colour of your hair not influence how people react to you as much as the colour of your skin?

Wayne, you have ginger sideburns, what do you think?

I can’t see the cud for the cheese

Born a redhead, I have grown up to be neither a comedian or violent, in fact, many redheads I know (including my family) do not have either of these tendencies.

What bothers me about the OP, is you complain of prejudice due to hair color when you yourself are willing to set two distinct categories for redheads. The media would like you to believe that redheads are either comedians (like Carrot Top) or bullies (how many movies/TV shows have had redhaired bullies or troublemakers?). It goes along with the belief that all blondes are dumb and brunettes are shy librarian types.

I’ve actually found that being born a redhead was a gift; it has always been a mark of distinction–and in living in Los Angeles–uniqueness.

Also born a redhead…I never thought about it one way or t’other, except that it does make one a little more noticeable in a crowd. “The redhead with the big boobs…” I never found terms like “redheaded stepchild” offensive, and take good-natured jibes about my temper in stride.

BTW a good friend of mine, a very tall skinny ginger dude married a Chinese woman several years ago. Their daughter Melanie (now 2) has “asian” features and BRIGHT red hair. She is gorgeous, a showstopper! She also has genes to die for. Dad is a chemical engineer, accomplished musician & all round nice guy. Mom is a physicist, marathon runner, and all-round nice woman.

But of course, this begs the question that has plagued us for many years:

**Ginger ** or ** MaryAnn **?

I’m confused…

you’re confused. who the hell is maryann???

Anyhow my sidies areless ginger and more a kind of gorgeous, vibrant Auburn colour.

Apparently I have to spell it out???

Gilligan’s Island (a old sit com) about the castaways, had the “movie star” Ginger and the “girl next door” Mary Ann. Sheesh.

So what you’re saying is that your sideburns ARE ginger, you’re just ashamed of the fact. i think this is probably understandable. I’m not ginger myself, but growing up in dublin I had many ginger ‘friends’(both funny and violent). In fact I remember getting the living s*** kicked out of me by one such acquantance on my 10th birthday… and he was one of the funny ones. But who could blame him, I remember taunting him with ‘duracell’ 24-7.

‘Gilligans Island’? Is that concerned with Ginger hair or with large Breasts?

As for me being Ginger, this is a slanderous accusation. I am strawberry blonde! And if i was ginger i would explode all your stereotypes as i am neither violent nor funny, but as i’m strawberry blonde, i clearly adhere to a different set of rules.

sorry wring, i’ve never seen the show… sounds good though. hazza, on the other hand, why are you typing about breasts? i feel that you’re tangenting on me.
on a slight tangent of my own, you use the word ‘explode’ which is rather a violent word in anyone’s book. i believe you are a secret ginger. humour me?

Is this is a serious debate or are you trying to reduce this to the level of PM’s question time in the commons?
I am not ginger but have many good and valued friends of this persuasion. i’d say you are perhaps bitter because you may perhaps be losing your hair, or you yourself are ginger and are trying to deflect atention.

Why don’t you guys carry this on in MPSIMS?

Maybe this post can carry the thread back to General Questions.

How in the world did orange hair come to be referred to as “ginger” in the first place? Actual ginger is greenish yellow, not orange or red — I cook with it regularly. What’s the connection?

I always thought the red-headed stereotype was either Victorian prude, or wild-child.

okay i’ll come clean. i am ginger (or GINGA! as my friends like to say). i’m very funny (no, really! no, really?), not the slightest bit violent, i was raised by wolves and i’m partial to a bit of dickens.

I can’t see the cud for the cheese

I have the dreaded “ginger” roots, although people always called mine “shrimp colored hair” growing up.

Then someone said “If only you had blond hair you’d be a young Morgan Fairchild.” Since she was hot on TV that year, I took the advice, and haven’t been called shrimp-colored since. :slight_smile:

personally i look forward to the summer months when the golden rays dye me yellow. in my troubled youth i occassionally used lemon, but these days it comes more easily.
maybe she’s born with it? maybe her doctor knows but s/he’s not telling.

It’s probably more of an English disdain for the “Celtic Fringe”.

You forgot category #3:

They grow up to be junks and dealers.

So… now every redhead I know fits into your categories…

Including mom who is always tryin to be funny, my first love who sells drugs, my childhood friend who beat me up regularly… the list is too long… and I havent even moved to redhead land England yet…

Besides… I use henna for my hair… brown hair masquerading as red.

b dodgy

People do have a tendency to think that redheads behave a certain way, and more often than not, it’s just a stereotype.

Redheads are a minority. That makes us different, which of course leads people to believe that if we look different, we most certainly must act different as well. It’s a load of hooey.

Well, mostly hooey. Most of my friends think I’m really funny. :smiley: