Is Black Friday Losing its Real Meaning?

This was an actual headline on the business page of the Dayton Daily News today.

Kids these days, no respect for the old traditions… some of them aren’t even getting up before dawn on their day off…

Due the ridicule, lack of truly good deals, and Cyber Mondays I think Black Friday will either disappear or melt into something else in the next 10-15 years.

Let’s hope.

Keep the “black” in "Black Friday "

It is fading but this is going to be one of those things that die a very slow death and my bet is it continues in some form for several more lifetimes.

It never was a thing in my family - I don’t recall my mom ever shopping that day. I did once - not a smart move on my part. And now with car companies push Black Friday - really??

I just choose to ignore it all. Except on my way to work tomorrow, I’ll have to drive past WalMart and Target - that should be fun at 5:30 in the AM…

Black Fridays Matter!

Too soon?

That’s cold. Funny, but cold.

If you ask me, dialing back some of the craziness of Black Friday is probably a good thing.

I don’t think it go away entirely, but will tone down over time.

Only in the first world will someone’s priority in life be to line up for hours or days to save $100 on a 50" television.

No, this is not the reason. The problem is that Black Friday is too close to Christmas; surely everyone agrees that the start of the Christmas shopping season should be at least two months before Christmas!!!

Black Friday was named by retailers because their customers were self-entitled assholes who fought over every item, thinking they were getting a deal. The retailers brought it upon themselves. When retailers realized Black Friday could be a major marketing program, they actively encouraged the mayhem for the free publicity it generated, not to mention the revenue.

Now “Black Friday” is a full business plan, expanded to include Thanksgiving day, and the rest of the weekend, including online sales. The backlash is twofold; (1) Thanksgiving itself should be hands off to selling as more and more stores refuse to open at all on Thursday, and (2) the best deals often are no longer Black Friday (and the weekend) at all.

If we want to get back to the true spirit of Black Friday, we need UFC rules, including no tag teaming, early 5 am doorbuster starts with only one or two high quality items in several areas of the store. And kids. Let’s not forget the small children, dragged along by selfish parents and bundled up like puffy rag dolls. They should be easier to punt thru the stores by the adults.

And once again, the War on Black Friday has begun.

But seriously, for me, Black Friday was always a good day when I worked in a grocery store. The day after Thanksgiving was always a welcome respite after the buisiest grocery shopping of the year…

Like in Canada where Thanksgiving is 45 days earlier than in the US. I know that Place Ville Marie in Montreal has had its Christmas tree up for at least a couple weeks.

Black Friday = Stock market crash of 9/24/1869

Yeah, I would say its kind of lost its real meaning. :rolleyes:

I’ve not seen this before: Red Thursday followed by Black Friday only at Canadian Tire stores.

Damn, retailers are really racist.

Obviously a plot hatched by White Supremacists.