Is positively the slowest site on the internet?

Or is it me?

Living in the Boston area, I visit (the Boston Globe website) quite a lot. Which is mighty indulgent of me, seeing as it often takes five minutes for a given page to load. I’m just wondering if anyone else has had the same experience.

Or maybe someone here can give it a try. For example, go to and click on one of the sports stories with a link on the lefthand side of the homepage. The Peter King article was one that gave me particular trouble.

Why the heck would a webpage take five minutes to load, anyway? I’m using Firefox on Windows XP. You can’t get much more vanilla than that. is truly the only major site that behaves this way for me.

Took 6 seconds. I also am using Firefox, but on Vista. I had no problem loading anything on there. Sorry, but it’s you.


Well, okay, if it is me, I guess the question is why? Anybody have a guess?

Firefox/Win2K, about 7 seconds total, but the last 5 of that were ads.

Clear your cache, if that doesn’t help clear cookies for that site too.