Is Buckley's Angel real? (king of the hill)

or just her imagination?
my friend wants to know

As nothing more than an enthusiastic KOTH fan, there’s nothing I know of that gives it away one way or the other.

But my gut says it was all in her head.

As far as I know the King of the Hill universe follows the same rules as ours. Nothing concretely supernatural or divine has happened other than Buckley’s angel so I’m inclined to say that it was a figment of her imagination.

What about the Dalai Lama episode? Wasn’t it strongly implied that Bobby was the reincarnation? (Or something like that, since the DL is still alive.)

Buckley said J.C. said she was destined for something greater, so she never went back to beauty school and enrolled in college.

And then she became a hair dresser anyway.

So if he was a real angel, he had pretty terrible foresight. :stuck_out_tongue:

Weird. I felt just the opposite. Luanne’s not smart enough to have a subconscious telling her what to do. She barely has a regular conscious. I also love the take on Jesus.

"Buckley: Yeah. Well, I gotta go. Jesus is having a party. It’s gonna rock.

Luanne: There’ll probably be a lot of people there, but if you see Jesus, tell him I said thanks."

Luanne: You are an angel! Unless you’re just a hallucinogen of my mind. If you’re really Buckley’s Angel, then tell me something only the real Buckley would know.

Buckley: Uh…you have a birthmark on your butt the shape of a Honda key.

Luanne: You are a real angel!"

He points at Kahn Jr’s reflection in a mirror on a rug. It just so happens that that mirror belonged to a previous Lama. But really, he didn’t actually choose the mirror and even if he had, there were only like six objects on the rug.

And he was just supposed to be a Lama, not the Dalai Lama.

There was the remote that kept switching away from the Super Bowl and on to Luanne’s Manger Babies show. We saw Peggy working the remote, but later it was revealed there were no batteries in it.

Bobby couldn’t remember if he took the batteries from the remote before the show or after

That episode(Buckley) is on right now.

At the episode’s end, Buckley is walking down the alley without Luanne around. I think he was real.