Is Bush a mouth-breather?

I have rarely seen the man with his mouth closed in 8 years…I theorize he burned out his nasal capacity with all the coke from back in the day…comments?
(He’s one guy who cleanses his colon while drinking water, if you get my drift.)

I’ll be a decider and move this from General Questions to The BBQ Pit.

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I am no friend to GWB, but it’s not hard to find pix of him with a closed mouth. As for his past cocaine use, you’re coming at this rather late. Through two elections, he successfully danced around the issue. Painting him with the coke brush now won’t hurt his credibility. He doesn’t have any.

I thinke he’s an ass-to-mouth breather.

Cheneys ass to his food hole.

That’s a spoon, not a brush. And either one is a paddlin’.

Ah, this thread reminds me of the days when there were 10 Bush Sucks thread in the pit at any given time. Back when we still felt outrage. Back when we still cared. I have no idea what the hell you’re talking about, OP, but thanks for the memory trip.

I liked Jon Stewart’s bit on The Daily Show about how Bush doesn’t make him mad anymore, he’s just funny as shit. Bush doesn’t care about what’s going on, he’s just coasting through the rest of his term.
“That was my plan all along! It’s called strategery.”

He’s on his way out. That’s good enough for me. I didn’t much like him anhway.

This statement is as true today as it was on January 21, 2001.

Who cares? Is “mouth-breather” some sort of insult to you? :dubious:

Bush: Best President EVER??


Great president or greatest president?

They had one of those moments on “The Daily Show” where something is satirical and at the same time entirely accurate. John Oliver was talking about Bush’s trip in Africa and all the money he’s committed to fight the continent’s awful triad of malaria, AIDS and TB. He talked about how hard it was to get out the words “Bush did something really good”, and then about how it paradoxically pissed him off – because it means “for the past seven excruciating years, he could have been doing good things, and chose not to!”

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You’ve never heard it as an insult?

Yes, I have. By insensitive morons.

By that token, it’s pretty insensitive to insult someone by calling them a moron as well.

In the PIT? :eek: Moron is almost a compliment here. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Then again, no one ever accused me of being sensitive! :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think many would complain if Buteyko tried this on Bush, regardless of whether Bush has asthma or not.

Yes, and unscientific as well. I’m sure DrDeth meant “insensitive Borons.” :wink: