Is Canada a free country or is it not?

Inspired by the third page of this thread – Canada being offered as an example of reasonable gun control in a free country, gun-rightsers counter by denying that Canada rates high on free speech or religious freedom.

I’ve always thought of Canada as a very free country – true, you can be prohibited from publishing certain things there, and I’m not saying I approve, but I hope we all can agree that the presence or absence of free speech in a given country is a continuum, not a dichotomy. Does anyone care to argue that Canada is has a poor civil-liberties record?

On the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index, Canada ranks higher than the U.S. On the WSJ/Heritage Foundation Index of Economic Freedom, the two rank the same; likewise on the Freedom House Index of Freedom in the World.

Your question presents a dichotomy yet you acknowledge that aspects of freedom are a continuum. That is odd.

Canada allows stripper to go totally nude. Much more liberty than the US. Also, they allow their citizens to talk funny.

A strident American scoffs at the idea of a place other than America which could be considered “free”. World looks around and wonders when the surprising part of the OP is suppose to pop up.

I don’t know, the last time I was at Tim Horton’s I did have to pay :smiley:

Sorry couldn’t help myself


How the heck do strip bars in the USA work?

So does the US, unless that changed recently. There are local regulations in some areas against full nudity, though.

Misssouri, for example. Try finding an open strip club in MO within 2 hours’ drive of Kansas anymore.

Well yes, it is locally regulated. Which to some means more freedom, less to others. I wouldn’t have any objection to a constitutional amendment allowing full nudity in strip clubs nationwide.

There are some around here somewhere, Connecticut I think. But they can’t serve liquor or some other such restriction.

There is a strip club in the town I live in, sadly however, it seems to be a jobs program for old strippers. Patrons regularly complain that they have to tip the women to get them to put their clothes back on.

Except in Saskatchewan. We don’t have strip bars here.

Local rules - topless you can serve alcohol. Full nude no alcohol, referred to as a juice bar.

When I was in Canada, the strippers wouldn’t take tips. They actually turned them down!

This was in BC.


Actually, we tend to charge admission, since the strippers don’t take tips - we have to pay them somehow.

I know I titled it “is it or is it not,” but continuum-answers are implicitly acceptable, and, as we all know, inevitable.

That’s allowed here in Tampa – you just can’t have full nudity and liquor in the same club. Bikini-clubs serve liquor, full-nude clubs don’t.

Or, so I’ve heard.

Judging by the replies, I think I’d ask the mods to change the title to: “Who has better strippers, the US or Canada?”

Strippers working on salary?! Is Canada up north or on Mars?!

As noted in the OP Canada is just as free as the US, maybe more so in some regards, and maybe less so in others. You could potentially be charged with a criminal offense for publishing hate propaganda, but you’d really need to be a complete conspiracy theory, racist nutbar to be charged.

You could come up with a laundry list of differences, some pro and some con:

Lower drinking age
Higher taxes
Accessible public health care
Alcohol served in places with nude strippers who don’t take tips!
More gun regulation
No pennies!

I mean really, there’s not a heck of a lot of difference.

Dunno about BC, but in Ontario you don’t really have just strip clubs any more; most are full out whorehouses. Since prostitution was effectively decriminalized, almost all offer sex acts as part of the menu.

If you wanted to know the final word on gun rights in Canada, here’s our supreme court’s take[

](, I feel that this view falls in line with what most Canadians think and expect.