Is Cancun a fun place to vacation this time of year...?

Is Cancun the fun spot to vacation this time of year that it used to be? I remember years ago, it was fun and a bargain… but now it seems to be the place where the Uber Rich with money to burn go to hob-nob while leaving the “Hoi polloi” back in their grubby shacks.


Well, it’s endorsed by at least one Senator that I know of. But I suspect that you do, too.

Yeah a really proud moment for a MAGA leader. Jet off to Cancun while your state is in crisis.

Perhaps I’m just jealous of the class and high art of such high society? Surely such exhibits of wealth and extravagance must be of public interest to more than just me. Oh, the beautiful hotels, the exciting dance clubs, the exquisite dining with food fit for a king! You know I heard years ago that every single hotel in Cancun had their very own water filtration system to make sure to no guest ever suffers from what people in the 60s used to call “Montezuma’s Revenge”.

That might be just a rumor though.

Dinesh D’Souza and Erick Erickson thought they were defending him by saying that there wasn’t much he could do during the crisis, anyway. D’Souza went so far as to say that at least he wasn’t using up power and water by being out of state.
In the meantime, the unnamed Senator’s former election opponent and his staff have helped at least 100,000 who were without power, water, and food.

That’s needs to be on the 2024 campaign against Cruz " desouza and erikson say Cruz cant do much in a crisis"

That just proves they are stupid. A smart person has a lot of money, and can go somewhere nice to get room service and a spa treatment.

Anyway, this just proves that Government is terrible, so the Republicans were right all along.

There are plenty of ordinary vacationers going to Cancun every day. Lots of whom are there to escape COVID. Or at least their awareness of COVID. With enough magical thinking they just take off their masks and their worries and act like there’s no such thing in the world.

Along with 40,000 other people from all over the world at the same resorts doing the same thing for the same reasons. Lubricated with the usual copious amounts of booze.

Can you say “super spreader?” I thought you could.

Well, that clears that up.

Remember all the Republican conniption fits when Obama sent his daughters on yearly vacations to nice places, without accompanying them? Wonder how many of those complainers will be defending the Cruz family here.

Oh, that’s easy! Draw a circle and inside of it write “People who complained about Obama”.
Now, draw a circle and inside of it write “People who are defending Senator Ted Cruz”.
Now, draw a circle and inside of it write “People who are close-minded GOP Assholes”.

See how neatly they all fit inside of each other…?

I’ll be back to the thread in an hour as my favorite Mexican-American movie is on:

“Ted Cruz: The Legend of Zerro…!”

Wow! That better be the truth or he put his daughters in a very troublesome moral quandary. And even if it is the truth, he should have shielded them by taking the blame himself. Of course, that’s a lot to expect. We know Cruz doesn’t stand up for family, as we saw with the way he sucked up to Trump after Trump insulted his wife.

Hiding behind kids !? That’s right out of “The Dead Zone”…

Too bad Cruz’s excuses were bs. He left with a packed suitcase — for a turnaround trip? His wife was with the girls – she needs a chaperone, too? He bought his return ticket at 6:00 am today – his previous return ticket was for Saturday?

The most incredible thing is that he is so entitled that he apparently had no idea how bad this would look.

< Busted! >

And, doubling down on the decision to go – “I did it to be a good dad” – rather than ever possibly admitting, “in retrospect, I shouldn’t have left the state at this moment of crisis, in the first place.”

I’m sure that many of his constituents wish that they could fly to Cancun right now, too.

He owes the people of Texas NOTHING!!!

Politicians up here got lambasted for going on vacation last Christmas while they were telling all the rest of us to stay home or else.

Well the Ooze is on the other foot then, isn’t it…?