Is Cancun a fun place to vacation this time of year...?

I think that’s also why he led the insurrection in the Senate. His daughters begged him to overthrow the election and, gosh darn it, a good dad can’t say no to an impassioned plea by his daughters.

Ted Cruz called Mr. Trump a “pathological liar” who was “utterly amoral,” a “serial philanderer” and a “narcissist at a level I don’t think this country’s ever seen.”

But only because his daughters begged him. One again, he was just being a good dad.

Yeah. . .his “roommate”. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

And someone hired a mariachi band to play outside of Ted’s house.

So, Ted’s original intent was to fly with his 10 and 12 year old daughters to Cancun and drop them off? Was he going to help them check into the hotel or just stick them in a cab at the airport and hope for the best?

It’s just such a lame story - if his wife was with them there was no need to drop them off and if he really was the only available adult…Ted, a week in Cancun isn’t soccer practice — they’re children, not teenagers. They might need a parent…Jeez…

It’s not like we don’t carry thousands of 10 & 12-year olds around the world without accompanying parents every single day of the year.

This is a made-up cover story so lame a 2yo can poke holes in the reasoning. Oddly, Fox thinks it’s an airtight alibi. Hmmm.

Well, now I am jealous. No one ever hires a band to play in front of my house! ::pouts::

I’m still waiting for that corner taco truck I was promised too…


Somewhere, in a bar in old Mexico, Quentin Tarantino tells a joke about Ted Cruz to a bartender…


I believe Ted is one of those Republicans who sees no problem with unaccompanied minors being taken from dropped off by their parents at the border. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Now Cruz is blaming the media (of course) for the bad publicity of his trip, because the media is "suffering from Trump withdrawal.”

With a bit of whataboutism regarding Governor Cuomo thrown in.

“You dropped off your daughters in Mexico, you came home in a day, probably less than a day,” Hannity declared. “And here you have a scandal with Governor Cuomo barely mentioned on these so-called other news networks.”

If I am not mistaken, there has been a news story about Cuomo nearly every day,

Yes. But on MSM those stories have been about the bad crap Cuomo did. On RW fantasy media they’ve been about how the MSM has been ignoring Cuomo’s crap.

So of course Cruz would say something like that. It plays to his base.

Question: who had more fun in the long run?

  1. Ted Cruz in Mexico?

  2. Ken Paxton in Utah?
    Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton in Utah during devastating winter storm | The Texas Tribune

  3. Or the millions of people stuck in Texas with no heat, electricity, food, or water?

Cruz’s wife is pretty cheesed off at whoever in her chat group leaked the conversation to the press. Naturally, they are blaming the Democrats who live on their block.

Let’s see, what was Cruz’s dog’s name again? Oh yeah, Snowflake. Seems oddly appropriate.

And that isn’t even the snowflakiest thing in that article.

That award goes to Cruz for calling out neighbors that put up Beto yard signs as “rude”.

How dare they indicate they’re voting for someone else!

There were even some “folks on our street who put up Beto signs, which I thought was a little rude,” Cruz said, referring to his 2018 reelection race against former Democratic Rep. Beto O’Rourke.

“You know, I didn’t, like, hold a victory party on their front yards when we won,” he said.

What. an. asshole.

Anyone know if Cruz has put up his own sign at his house when he was running?

Or did any of the other neighbors in on the street put up Cruz signs? How rude!

When the neighbors put the Beto signs up, Cruz should have had the decency to move to another street. How rude!